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More Tracieness

This is for those people who can’t get enough of the wonderful wackiness that is Tracie, and those that are bored and need something to do and wish Tracie would blog more dang it!I read Amanda’s list, and thought “hey, why not?”Some people might already know these, but tough biscuits.Read it anyway and enjoy.WARNING: This is very long, but enjoy anyway.75 Random Bits of Tracie:1.My favorite color is green and has been for several years now.As recently as a couple of years ago, my mom thought it was red for some reason.(I was 8 the last time red was my favorite color.)Other favorite colors I have had include red and hot pink.(This, again, was when I was younger.When I was about 12 I LOATHED the color pink.Around 18 or so I fell back in love with pink.)2.Nicknames I have had over the years (some are extinct): Trace (I actually hated Trace until I was about 16 and then I started liking it for some reason), TLee, TJ, Teej, Monkey, Pumpkin, Princess, Pwincess, TMAC, Doodle Queen, Tray (don…

Post -Thanksgiving

After reading Heather's post, I am also moping. I'm really glad I got an opportunity to say goodbye to Heather and to Leah, but am sad that I didn't get to say goodbye to Ryan or the boys. I'm also sad that I didn't have more time to spend with the Powell family. It really was too short. But there will be other times. Austin and I would like to visit again. (I'm sure that will make Leah happy.)

I'm really glad that Austin and I decided to go to Arizona. It was worth the long trip. I only wish we could've spent more time together. Things are always crazy around holidays.

I loved your home Heather. It gave me a lot of ideas on how I want to decorate. It helped me figure out a little more what my own personal style is. I love the decoration we made. It looks supercute on my entertainment center.

I am SO excited for Christmas this year! Austin and I bought our very first tree. We couldn't afford one last year. (All the cheap ones disappear…

The Tracie & Austin Story -- Part Three

The saga continues:

“Just Friends”As December was beginning I found myself getting excited to go to work.I told myself it was silly since I didn’t like Austin “that way.”I convinced myself I liked the attention and that’s why I was getting butterflies.We were spending so much time together it’s as if we were dating, but we were “just friends.”This was fine with me since I was going on a mission.I had decided after the breakup with Devon that’s what I was going to do.The following April I would turn 21 and I would go.In fact that semester I even took a Mission Prep course at BYU, which was a fabulous class by the way.But the sexual tension was mounting.One night Austin and I rented The Tempest, another Shakespeare “classic.”It was the silliest movie I had ever seen.It was set in the South during the Civil War and it was just plain bizarre.(“Careful Prosper!” “You make me fly like an eagle!”)Austin and I had started cuddling at this point in our relationship, but hadn’t kissed.See, this …

Tagged, again

Don't worry! The rest of the Tracie & Austin Story is still forthcoming. Stay tuned!

Just got tagged by Ammon and I must comply. The game is easy. There are only three rules:
The rules are posted at the beginning.Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog for the rules/detailsWell, I've done this before, but Ammon tagged me. So let's see if I can think of 6 things that I didn't include last time.

1. I'm an excellent speller. I participated in spelling bees from fifth to eighth grade. I took sixth in 5th grade (and I didn't even study!), second in 6th grade (I should've and would've won if it weren't for my nervousness and stage fright), third in 7th, and like fifth in 8th. The sad thing is I never earned a trophy. :( I really should&#…

The Tracie & Austin Story -- Part Two

Awkward BeginningsI must make mention of the fact that after Austin actually talked to me he did get discussed by me and my best friend, Heidi.Heidi and I were in the same religion class, and though we were in college, we still passed notes.I wrote to Heidi about Austin and how he was usually the type of guy I’d go for, but I wasn’t going to in this case for various reasons.(My breakup with Devon had affected who I wanted to date.)Heidi remarked that I shouldn’t discount the idea that Austin might be something.Anyway, since I was depressed with my breakup, I tried to make more friends.I did this by trying to make more friends at work.So I decided to throw a work party at my house.I invited everyone, gave them instructions, got cute, and waited….Right on time Austin showed up carrying two generic bottles of soda.We waited…and waited…and realized nobody else was coming!Awkward!I texted Heidi about Austin being the only person to show up.She didn’t immediately reply.So, when I heard my p…

The Tracie & Austin Story -- Part One

Here is the long-awaited entry.
I thought it might be good if I put down Austin and I’s story of how the two of us became a “we.”This is not a short story, so you have been warned.This will be told entirely from my perspective.If Austin wants to tell his side of the story he’ll have to write it himself.I will be completely honest, holding nothing back (except those details I choose to.)B.A. (Before Austin)It is necessary to begin my story not with Austin himself, but a little bit before.Before I even knew there was an Austin Beckstrom in the world, I was in a relationship with Devon.Devon was the first guy I had dated since the disastrous conclusion of my relationship with Jonathan.(Man, I lucked out on that one.The greatest heartbreak of my life turned out to be the greatest blessing.)After Jonathan dumped me, I became utterly depressed for about a year.A little bit before Devon came into my life I had no job and no life.I wasn’t dating; I was barely existing.My life consisted of waki…