I had an interesting thought about habits last night as I tried falling asleep. Of course it wasn't an a-ha! moment as I'm sure I'm not the first to ever think this. But why is it that good habits are so hard to make, but bad habits are as easy to acquire as breathing? I've found the converse to be true as well. Good habits are easy to break while breaking bad habits is as difficult as trying to see with your eyes shut. Case in point: exercise. Trying to begin exercising is tough, but once you are in the habit it can only take one little thing to break it. I remember 8th grade (or was it 9th?) anyway...I started doing sit-ups, leglifts, etc. every night. I did it for like two months. And then I sprained my ankle. I stopped my good habits because it was too painful, but even after the sprain healed I didn't do my exercises anymore. It's easier to maintain laziness. I think part of the reason why good habits are difficult and bad habits are easy is because good habits require more conscientious action. Bad habits are impulses. It's hard to break habits that you do impulsively--in my case, biting my nails. But doing things requiring conscientious action (and taking away your precious tv-watching time) like serving others, reading your scriptures, or exercising constantly is extremely difficult to do. It's easier to do nothing than to do something. Good habits take work, bad habits you fall into. I vow to break the cycle! Who's with me?


The Clock Keeps on Ticking

There's nothing worse than having to wait. I still have 20 minutes until my last class of the day starts. The worst is having to wait but not having anything to occupy your time with. Or you have something you want to do, but you know you just don't quite have enough time to do the thing that you want to do while waiting for something you have to do. Really isn't waiting horrible? Waiting in line at the grocery store, the bank, the movies... You don't have to wait in a line for it to be horrible. (Though sitting down and waiting is much preferable to standing in line.) I don't even have games I like to play on my cell phone. So I spend my time trying to find useful things to do. Like doing hw or checking my email and hoping that someone somewhere has written to me. These hopes are usually in vain. I'm not that popular. I've decided that I'm going to start writing in my blog. I mean I have THREE, and I don't ever write in any of them. I made this new one because I wanted a fresh clean start. I would write more but I'm always despairing that I won't sound clever. I want my blogs to be refreshing, original, and funny. That's a lot of pressure. So of course I never end up writing. But now is the time for change! Down with the system! No more hoping to impress the internet world. I will simply be me and write whatever I gosh darn feel like. And now it's off to Deaf Culture... I probably won't understand one word, or shall I say, sign...