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So, it's official. I have jumped on the LOST bandwagon. And I love it. It's one of the best-written, most interesting shows I've ever watched, at least thus far. Austin and I borrowed Season One from my parents like two months ago. We finally got down to watching it two weeks ago, and we were instantly hooked. I resisted getting into it for years for several reasons. One of which is because I knew it was so popular. When things are that popular, I tend to be skeptical. Plus the whole concept sounded kinda weird and stupid. That is, until I watched it.

It's like watching a short movie every episode. The music and production are awesome. The dialogue is believable and smart. The actors really know their characters. Characters have proper motivations. And there's consistency! (Well at least the first season does. We just barely started Season Two so we'll see how the rest of the show fares.) What I love is the real emotion and intensity that is in every episode. …

Trip Recap

Okay, so Austin is officially funnier and more interesting to me. You can read his account of our trip to Texas. I just wanted to say thank you to the Beckstrom family for flying us out there and for letting us spend time with you for an unfortunately brief visit.

Austin and I got home at two in the morning, exhausted from the many hours of travel. Unfortunately, I was denied permission to work from home. (I had asked a week before.) However, when I got into work I had nothing to do for most of the day. I was, of course, irked by this. I would've had to work till 8 at night had I not already had some extra hours from the week before, which means I wouldn't have been home 'til almost 9. Work has been very trying lately. I'll post about it later.

I will be posting a humorous post very soon. Stay tuned.

Valentine Celebration

So I wanted to beat Austin to the punch and blog about our weekend. Since Austin and I will be traveling (Yay, Texas!) on Valentine's Day we decided we would celebrate early. So Austin bought me flowers, chocolate, and my Cosmo last week. (All for a much cheaper price!) They were very much appreciated.

Friday night was our ward V-day party. It was a dessert party. I had made Magic Bars for the occasion (though Austin and I ate most of them ourselves). Then unbeknown to us the drawing for the "raffle" was actually a way for the organizers to force people to play "The Newly Wed Game." Austin and I were picked. It was a lot of fun actually. We didn't win any of the prizes but we did really well. It was a good way for our ward to get to know us. (We still only know a handful of people in the ward.)

Saturday was the day we designated as our V-day. Austin went to school and I played The Sims 2. (Austin bought me some expansion packs as my v-day present; part of m…

Fiftieth Post!

I have finally reached my 50th post. After much deliberation on what I should write on for this momentous occasion I decided that I would use this post to gush about my husband, Austin. I want everyone to know that I am the luckiest girl in the world. “Why?” you ask. The answer: I am married to my best friend. Before I met Austin I used to think and ponder (and occasionally pray) about the kind of man I wanted for my husband. I made lists of husband qualifications in Young Women’s and for various classes along the way. I even wrote a humorous essay one time on what I wanted in a man, “My Ideal Spouse.” All I can say is all these lists and dreaming and pondering did not prepare me for the man I was destined to marry. “Why?” you ask again. Because I never knew that the person I would marry would exceed all the lists I could ever write. I could never have hoped to find a person more practically perfect for me in every way than my dear beloved husband.And to celebrate and shout to the …

Thanks: Three

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things. Of shoes of ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings!”Actually it’s just time for Tracie to update. I’m continuing the last part of the thank yous. And without any further adieu, and in no particular order, here they are:Thanks Heidi for being my best friend. Thanks for the many years of friendship, laughter, joy, heartache, gossip, grapes, road trips, and clothing we’ve shared. Thanks for being my “story” partner. Thanks for knowing me so well and for always making me laugh. Thanks for always giving me advice even though chances are I won’t take it. Thanks for always being someone to rant, rave, gripe, and complain to. I will miss you when you’re gone.Thanks AJ for being my friend. Thanks for always being a positive and supportive person to talk to. Thanks for always being a good example and a good influence. Thanks for taking the time to plan out activities for the three of us to share. I look forward to spending more…