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A Little Sunshine

So life does come with its little bits of sunshine. Once a month my work has a professional massage place come in and give ten-minute free massages to employees that sign up for them. I’ve never done it before, but Charity came and got me today and we both signed up. Man, it was great! This is probably the best I’ve ever felt at work. So relaxing and so good, even for ten minutes. I so needed it today. I’ve been stressing about a lot of different things (so glad I’m going on vacation next week) so it was good to have a breather and get my tense muscles relaxed.


Does anybody else remember this movie? I remembered it because I started listening to an audio book which involved an FBI training academy. I haven't seen this movie in years, so I don't really remember all that well. I remember I liked it and thought it was funny. It was one of the movies we recorded on VHS and I watched a lot as a kid. (The movie came out in 1988.) I find it even funnier now as this movie would so not be PC in this day and age. (Egads! There are WOMEN in the FBI!!)

Have You Ever?

Yep, another survey thing. I don't really have time for super original material right now. But I thought I'd keep the masses happy. Bloglifted from Amanda once again.
Kicked someone in the. . . well, you know? Yep. I was five years old at the time. He had gone through the fence the “wrong way” and this simply couldn’t be tolerated. (There was an opening in a fence surrounding the field of my school. The opening had a bar through it and had footprints preserved in cement. One was walking into the field, the other out. The unlucky boy was walking on the “out” side when he should’ve been walking on the “in” side.)

Gone on a blind date? Yes, many sadly.Most of my dates consisted of friends setting me up with other friends. Or blind dates with guys I met off the Internet. (Don’t judge me.)

Made someone cry? Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on the circumstances), yes.

Opened your Christmas presents early? Not too early. Maybe a few days early or at a Christmas party or on Chri…


I bloglifted this from Amanda. Sorry I haven't been posting more. I've actually had stuff to do at work, and since I'm on the computer all day at work I usually don't get on at home.

My ex is . . . a thing of the past. Except for the one I stayed good friends with.
Maybe I should . . . try something different.
I love . . . my husband and the beauty of the world.
I don't understand . . . why people are so mean.
I lost my . . . figure. I hope to find it again someday.
People would say that I'm . . . quirky and a fun and compassionate friend. (At least I hope they do.)
I look forward to . . . each and every second I spend with Austin.
Love is . . . the greatest thing in the world (except maybe chocolate).
Somewhere, someone is . . . being born.
I will always . . . love my family.
Forever is . . . something that is actually attainable.
I think the current President is . . . an okay guy.
I woke up this morning . . . feeling more awake than I have all week.
Life is full of . . . r…

Birthday etc.

I agree with Austin. Blog entries are always hard to start. So last weekend I continued my birthday celebration. I got to go home early on Friday since I had gained extra hours doing the workshops. I stopped at Target and bought myself 3 new shirts (yay!) and a giftcard for my friend Kim whose reception was that same night. Austin and I then went to Red Robin for dinner. Then we hurried over to The White Willow to see Kim and wish her well. We were then going to go to a movie but it was getting too late so we decided to rent movies instead. Then we stayed up watching Friends season 4 all night. Saturday was the day of the party so Austin went to class while I went and got a massage. (I used the gift certificate Austin got me for Christmas.) Then we cleaned house and I made spinach artichoke dip and apple cinnamon yellow cake. Trent & Jess arrived first later joined by Charity & James and Brett & Charlotte. We chatted while we waited for Brittnee & Matt to get there. T…

Birthdays Come But Once a Year

“I'm not gonna write you a love song/cuz you asked for it/cuz you need one, you see.” I’ve been singing this over and over lately. Thank you, Austin, for my new Sara Bareilles CD. I absolutely love it.So I know everyone is dying to know how my birthday went. Well, it went like this: I went to work extremely tired as I couldn’t sleep the night before. (I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep after I went out onto the couch.) I then had my brain squished at work as I spent the second day in a committee review workshop. After nine hours of this I was released and I headed home. At home I received a bouquet of roses from Austin, as well as a salad from Bajio’s for dinner. I also opened my presents. Austin did the best he’s ever done at getting me presents. He got me LOST season 3 (yay!), Friends season 4 (only season 10 left to get now), the aforementioned Sara Bareilles CD, Something Big Has Been Here (a kid's book of poetry that I had and loved as a childe), a Princess Bride…