The Struggle That Is Being Tracie

I write more blog posts than you think I do. In fact, I've written so many things, not just blog posts, it's amazing. But where is all this text you ask? In my head. Yes, it is a fact that if there were an invention that would somehow convert thoughts to text I would have many writings attributed to my name. Why is this? Well, because I'm most creative and can write the best when, ironically, I'm not trying to write. Say for instance, right before I go to sleep. I wrote a whole page of a novel yesterday before going to sleep, but it doesn't exist anywhere besides in my own brain. And even that has gotten fuzzy.

It drives me crazy that I can write out whole ideas, plots, concepts, articles, witticisms, etc. in my head and yet when I sit down to write I draw a big blank. My creativity is drowning in my own brain where it can't escape and will never live among the concrete things we call the written word. Today while I was resting, I wrote 3 blog posts that you may or may not ever get the occasion to read. See for me, I'm too frustrated by the time I actually get a pen or a keyboard to actually write out my thoughts. It's just too much work. And by that time, the pretty thoughts have all flickered out and died a disparaging death. Things flow so much better in my head. Like a ballet of words, complete with perfect punctuation and the most appropriate clever expression of thought. If I could only easily get what's IN my head OUT, I would be a much happier person.

I beg of someone to help me in my valiant goals. The first person that can make this invention a reality, I vow to share a part of the proceeds from the money I make from the words I can finally get down on paper. Any takers?


JanB said…
It's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who draws a blank at the keyboard.
Isn't that what blogging is all about - letting us know "we're not the only ones" who...anything!?
Charlo said…
About once a year, I think about putting a tape recorder in my nightstand. By morning, I may remember my concept, but I never remember that exact wording that made it floooooooooowwwwww.
Kris said…
Maybe a notebook by the bedside or in the pocket? I am even guilty of this myself, Now, that is a scary thought, because as you all know, I don't write. When I have to give a talk in church, my talk just flows in my head. Then putting pen to paper a big 'ole blank appears. I could give an awesome talk if I could just get it on paper.
Emilee Bond said…
Hey Tracie just wanted to let you know i finaly started a blog at Love ya!
Heather said…
Write a main idea.
Draw a circle around it.
Shoot off lines that lead to circles of sub main ideas.
Blast off again on those circles again.

You know, back in third grade when we learned this?

Go back to the basics. Keep it simple.

So, what's my prize?
Austin said…
we want a new post from Tracie!
HailerStar said…
I second the tape recorder idea. I got a little digital one for college class *History if I recall* and never used it much for class. But I've taken it to conventions to record talks/panels. And I've used it to save ideas on that otherwise would never have reached past the haze of morning.
Plus, I find it more satisfying and simplified to push the record button than to vainly try and keep up with my brian while trying to scribble down ideas on a notepad.
Austin's friend Heather

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