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Modge Podge

This is going to be a lot of random things in a single post. Because I said so. First of all, here was our Christmas tree. Yes, I know it's the end of January. But here it is anyway. Admire it.

Next, look at this gorgeous sunset I was lucky enough to get a picture of: (This was sometime in December.)
And now a funny picture of Austin trying to deflate the air mattress in Texas: (it would've been funnier if I could've gotten my camera out sooner)

Next, here is pictures of me and my haircut: (Note: I am not photogenic. It looks better in person.) (Thanks again Hay for cutting it. I love it.)

Okay, stay tuned. I'm going to post about New Years and my resolutions. (Better late than never as I always say.)

Best & Worst of 2008

Another year has come and gone. By the raise of hands, how many thought 2008 went by extraordinarily fast? It was definitely an interesting year. It was the year of record high gas prices and oddly low gas prices, rising tensions in the Middle East, proposition 8, housing market crashes, stock market crashes, economic recession, and bailouts. The year Bill Gates stepped down as chairman of Microsoft, Michael Phelps became an American hero, and Barack Obama was elected the first Black president. 2008 saw the death of Presidents Hinckley and Faust, Heath Ledger, Charlton Heston, Arthur C. Clarke, Michael Crichton, George Carlin, and Paul Newman among others. I said goodbye to my Great Grandma McNeil and Austin’s Great Aunt Mary Ellen. I said hello to new friendships, a new niece, and the summer sensation of Dr. Horrible. Dear friends moved away. Jobs were lost and found. Yes, it seems change was the big theme of 2008.

Thinking about all of the many things that happened last year led me t…

Christmas Vacation

Christmas has come and gone but you get to read about it again. This year Austin and I went to Texas to spend Christmas with his family. I was excited to see his family but also felt a bit strange about being away from my family on Christmas for the first time ever.
We flew out on the 21st after Austin had finished his finals. (He did pretty well. Way to go baby!) My parents generously drove us to the airport, and we arrived in plenty of time. There were no complications or setbacks. It was actually quite empty for this time of year. We had a relaxing time while we were there. The week consisted of visiting with family, including both sets of grandparents who came and left at different times; playing Shanghai (I won twice.); watching Psych (a funny TV show friends have been trying to get us to see forever); seeing Alice perform in The Messiah (which was much longer than I thought it was. Apparently there’s more to it than the Hallelujah Chorus); visiting Brett and Laurie and their twin…