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Bucket List

Austin and my friend Lechelle wrote bucket lists and made me think about doing the same. Without any adieu, here's my list: (italics indicate things I've already done)

Get married
Have a baby/Become a mother
Graduate from college
Become an editor

Write a book
Win a writing contest
Edit a book
Edit a fictional novel
Learn how to use Photoshop
Own a profitable website
Be interviewed by a prominent person
Win a notable award
Try out for American Idol (I don’t even care if I make it. I just want to try out.)
Audition for a stage play, preferable a musical
Get a part, preferably a starring role, in a play
Be in a commercial
Run for a small political office (like city council)
Be a contestant on a game show, preferably a winning contestant
Get challenged by Bobby Flay on “Throwdown”
Learn how to sew on a button
Visit Australia
Visit the Louvre
Go to the symphony
See an opera
See a Broadway play
Visit Italy
See the Sistine Chapel, David, the Mona Lisa, and Starry Night in person


Some of you know about my clown phobia. I hate clowns. A lot. They are NOT funny. They are creepy. I have had nightmares about clowns and there's just something about their makeup'ed face that just freaks me out.

Anyway, I saw this commercial the other day and I just about died from laughing. Seriously, tears streaming down face. Two hours later still laughing thinking about it. Maybe it won't be as funny to you.I wonder if you can figure out why I find it so funny.