Age Game

I participated in one of those survey things on Facebook. Since FB doesn't really have the greatest long-term storage capacity, I thought I'd post it here:

Amanda Jones Goodman gave me the age of 16.

At age 16, I was

Dating: (i didn't date in high school other than to go to girls' choice dances.) One month after turning 16, I went on my first date. His name was Jake, he was a senior, and I was smitten. He treated me kindly. It was a double date for the spring fling. A friend of mine asked my older brother to be her date. I remember we went to a park to take pictures. And then I don't remember what we did. Pool? Mini golf? I just remember being nervous and so happy Jake was so nice to me. And that having my brother with me was kind of cool.

Living: with my parents in Orem

Driving: my mom's Tracker (when she let me)

Working: I was working at 5 Buck Pizza, which was my first official job. I rolled dough, answered phones, made pizza, and tried to keep pizzas from falling on the floor.

Fears: I was afraid that I'd never date or kiss a guy. And while I didn't date or kiss in high school (my first kiss was one month before i graduated, with a guy who moved out of state the very next day) and that made me sad at the time, I'm happy to report that i did eventually date and kiss several guys while in college.

Today at almost 29:

Dating: happily married to my amazing, hilarious, supportive Austin for going on 7 years. Love you!

Living: in a condo in Pleasant Grove

Driving: (when I do drive) a really crappy rundown Lancer. Looking to buy a new (to me) car this year.

Working: I've been working as an editor for WGU for 5 1/2 years, I've been a doula for 2 years, and mama to my crazy Danger Boy for 3 1/2 years. I'm hoping life gets less insane this year.

Fears: I'm afraid of not meeting my various life goals. I'm afraid Morgan will not progress. I'm afraid that life will continue to be almost more than I can bear. I'm afraid of losing friends and family. But despite my fears, I move forward as best I can.


Austin said…
I don't know if this counts as a blog post, but as long as you're posting I'm happy. ;)

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