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To a Friend

The gulf between us grows day by day. The distance between us loams larger. I see you on your side and me on mine. I wonder how things are going over there. I can only guess. I don't have a direct line anymore, only binoculars. How I so desperately miss, mourn, and grieve being on the same side. I know I'll never be able to live on the same side again. Too much has changed. There will always be a divide.  But I want to build a bridge, connect our two halves. We may live on different sides, different worlds with different experiences, different terrains but does that mean we can't have a connecting path? There just needs to be one strong connection, built from one side to the other.
How I long for that bridge to be built. But how? Can it be done? I haven't done a proper job of starting my side. I don't know what materials to use. I keep searching for them, picking some up and discarding them.  I'm "in construction"  though the bridge shows no signs of being built