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Things I Love About My Son

His kissable cheeks (I kiss them hundreds of times a day.)His laughHis cuddly natureWhen he sucks on my big toe (It makes me laugh.)The way he claps his handsHis bedhead hairThe way he "talks" with meThe way he breathes fast and wheezes slightly when he's excitedHis smiles: his "Cabbage Patch" smile, his "I love Mom" smile, his "Yay boobies" smile, his "I love food" smile (when I give him something he likes), his "I'm so cute" smile The way he gets all excited when it's time to nurseThe way he jumps up and down when he's happy (and holding on to something or in his jumper)The way he quietly whines when he's tired (It sounds like this: ehhh...ehhhh....ehhh)His feet (I love kissing them and biting his toes...maybe that's why he bites mine)The way he overlaps his leg over me when I'm nursing The way he plays with his toys
Also, I'm doing a poll whether or not to cut Morgan's hair.Take it on th…

New Blog

Hi all. I'm looking for your help. I want to start a new blog (separate from this one) and I need help coming up with a blog title and a cool name. I've been wanting to blog about so many things for a while now that I didn't feel fit with "The Unadventures of Tracie." The new blog will focus on the following issues:

critiques (literature, film, TV)advocacylanguage/writing/editingfeminism/women's rightsequality/sexismpregnancy/childbirthculturewomen/mothersparenting/raising childrenand politics (as it pertains to the above categories) I know this sounds like a lot of different topics but they are causes/topics/issues that I am deeply passionate about. I would like this blog to be a place to distribute information, facilitate discussion, and critique pertinent issues. I need a name that would be catchy, memorable, and relevant. I also would like to create an identity for myself that may or may not be the same as the name of the blog.

I'll start this on Blog…