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Hi all. I'm looking for your help. I want to start a new blog (separate from this one) and I need help coming up with a blog title and a cool name. I've been wanting to blog about so many things for a while now that I didn't feel fit with "The Unadventures of Tracie." The new blog will focus on the following issues:

  • critiques (literature, film, TV)
  • advocacy
  • language/writing/editing
  • feminism/women's rights
  • equality/sexism
  • pregnancy/childbirth
  • culture
  • women/mothers
  • parenting/raising children
  • and politics (as it pertains to the above categories)
 I know this sounds like a lot of different topics but they are causes/topics/issues that I am deeply passionate about. I would like this blog to be a place to distribute information, facilitate discussion, and critique pertinent issues. I need a name that would be catchy, memorable, and relevant. I also would like to create an identity for myself that may or may not be the same as the name of the blog.

I'll start this on Blogger but eventually I'd like to get my own website. I've always wanted to be a writer, and now I finally have things I want to write about. (Also, I'd like to have "guest bloggers." Let me know if you'd be interested.) I'll still write on my current blog, but I'll save it for entries of a more personal nature. On occasion I may double-post depending on the topic.

Anyway, please send me your ideas. I'm completely drawing a blank here.


Charlo said…
I'm struggling here... something that rhymes, or uses alliteration, or uses a Latin word.... or...

I don't know. Naming things is so difficult.
I am going to do the brainstorming thing, and throw out ideas, no matter how ridiculous

Candidly Yours, XXXXXX
Trace of Dignity
Without a trace... oh wait, that's a show


ya, I got nothing
Heather said…
Tracie Says

She Says: Thoughts by Tracie

When I want your Opinion, I Will Ask You For it

Straight Talk by Tracie

The Tracie B Show

TB Thoughts

TB Opinions

TB Talks

Tracie Talks

Tracie Thinks...

She Thinks...and Her Thoughts

Thinking and Linking

Think and Wink

Let's Argue: Thinks and Thoughts by Tracie
You need to narrow your focus. With what you've given us, the title could be anything. I am personally fond of titles like "The ______ Paradox". Or "The (something) of (somebody)". Just really general things. Or just pick a song title you like. I like these:

The Ongoing Horrible
Assassination Day
Friends Are Evil
Inflammatory Writ

I don't know. You need something that's almost a cliche, but with with a somewhat clever twist. Also you need me to guest blog.
Austin said…
I agree with Jacob. If you want a themed name, you need to focus it on something. I would suggest making it just about motherhood and birthing, but that doesn't at all mean you can't include entries about film or editing or whatever, it's YOUR BLOG.

That being said, you already know my suggestions haven't been good ones. Here are some more awful ones to demonstrate:

-I said/Me said
-Tracie in a very big nutshell (look at the size of this bloody great nutshell)
-Screaming from the Mountaintops
-It's Lonely being Me, but I'm so very good at it
-The Unflappable Tracie
-The Ineditable
Wendy said…
I couldn't help but think of News Radio: The Real Deal with Tracie McNeil (sorry, I don't know the spelling of your maiden name).
Tracie said…
@Wendy You spelled it completely right. :)
So Tracie, I came up with a new name for my personal blog, but I thought maybe it'd work better for yours. Tell me what you think of this:

Wide Open Looks

It's from basketball terminology, but I think it fits what you're trying to do here. "Wide" - covers a diverse range of topics. "Open" - encourages participation and alternate opinions. "Looks" - contains viewpoints and analysis.

Anyway, if you don't like it let me know cause I'd still want to use it for mine.
"Screaming from the mountaintops" lolololol great one austin~
I also had the same idea as char to use a Latin word.

Maybe use a nickname in the blog title?? Its not nessecarily a nickname but I like strawberries and I have reddish hair so I'm "A Writing Strawberry"
Write down a bunch of words or names that you like and try to string something together that sounds interesting. I know that helped me with my new blog, "Duchess of Imagination's Pleasurable Book Reviews" :P
If you are going to narrow the topics like some people suggested than you could easily do one on parenting, another on world topics, "my life", etc... I have one blog for strickly poetry, one for stories and writing exercises, and one for the book reviews. Having more than one blog may seem a little obsessive but it works for me! :D

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