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Car Woes

So, before I bought my car I noticed the a/c go out during a test drive. We told the people that we wouldn’t buy it until they fixed it. Next time we came, it was “fixed,” and we bought my car. A month later the a/c started going out. Slowly the speeds and the fan died. It wasn’t too bad in the summer since I didn’t drive that much and I could get some cool air when on the freeway. Flash forward to the winter AKA the Cold Death of Coldness. So, I drove to Salt Lake and back every day. I have had almost no heat (except when cruising at higher speeds and when I had the defroster on from some reason). So last week the defroster stopped working and I was getting almost no heat. I couldn’t take it anymore so I finally took my car to the shop to get fixed. I found out that I needed a new blower motor and a new blower resistor (the thing that makes the air go different speeds). Sigh…. So $478 dollars later, my heater works again! I no longer freeze on my way to work, tap my leg to keep warm, …

Awwwwwww Comfort

Soft and squishy Like
Sleeping on a cloud
How I love my mattress pad! So, yes, Austin and I got a new mattress topper. It finally finished decompressing and we put it on our bed last night. (The edges didn’t finish all the way but it had been 2 ½ days and I didn’t want to wait anymore, besides we don’t sleep on the edges anyway and the edges aren’t even on our bed really.) It was heavenly… It was like sleeping on cloud or resting on a marshmallow. All joint pain and tension immediately ceased. Austin and I have been talking about it all day today. We can’t wait to go to bed just so we can lie on it. The mattress topper consists of 2 inches of memory foam that is zipped into 2 inches of a microfiber quilted top. The whole thing has a connector piece that tucks into the mattress. It’s absolutely wonderful! It was worth all the money! I hope to be having much sweeter dreams from now on.


So I’ve decided to do what Austin does and summarize my poll results. Apparently, the majority of you would pay off debt and/or buy a house if you had a million dollars. The next two highest answers were “invest it” and “shopping spree!” Nobody would give half a million dollars as a tip and nobody thinks that having a million dollars doesn’t matter since you can’t take it with you. So my new poll is up. Please vote. Leave comments here if you'd like to discuss your superpowers.

On Facebook I am TLee (formerly Ice Girl from planet Frosty) and my current strength is electrokinesis. My arch nemesis was Polarito (AKA Austin) until we got tired of stealing each other's XP.


I just heard that Heath Ledger died. Though I didn't know him personally, I liked him as an actor. It's quite a tragedy to die so young. He was only 28. Only four years older than me. . . Hearing news like this always reminds me that death can come at any time to anyone. I'm not afraid of death, but I rather hope I live much longer than 28.

Thanks: Two

Okay, I have procrastinated long enough. Here are my thank-yous part two! I’d like to generally thank Austin’s family for accepting me into their family. From the very first minute I was treated like family and that meant a lot to me. It was the first time that I met another person’s family and I felt like I belonged. Thank you Mark & Alice for raising such a wonderful guy for me to marry. Thank you Mark for being such an example of generosity. Thank you both for helping us out financially and for flying us out to Houston. It means a great deal to the both of us. Thank you Mark for your great sense of humor. Thank you Alice for being a wonderful mother-in-law. I’m so glad that I got a second Mom and another friend instead of a Monster Mother-in-Law. Thank you both for the cards you send us throughout the year. Thank you Ammon & Lynette for the influence you’ve had on Austin’s life. I know he looks to you as two of his closest friends. I wish we lived closer because I know we w…

Thanks: One

Many people have complained that I haven’t updated in a while. (Yes, apparently 8 days is the equivalent of an eternity.) Anyway, since I didn’t really have much to write about (since I’m not in the mood to work on The Tracie & Austin story right now) and nothing is really happening in my life, I decided I would write something unique. I have decided that I would take the time to thank all the people in my life. So without further adieu, and in no particular order, here are my thank yous:(This is going to be a two-part entry since it’s getting ridiculously long…I’ll post part 2 tomorrow)The first two people I want to thank are my Father in Heaven and my Savior. I thank Heavenly Father for giving me a body and sending me to Earth to a wonderful family where I was born into the covenant. I also thank Heavenly Father for His gospel and for sending His Son. I’m thankful for the beautiful world that I live in with all of its wondrous creations. I’m thankful for my family and for all th…


Happy New Year everyone! I know you've missed me. . . You haven't heard from me since last year! (cue groans.)

Yes, well. I think I'm humorous. I am currently at home sick. Lovely. Actually I'm pretty stoked about it. (Not being sick, but being at home.) My boss told me to go home. So I'm currently "working" from home. (I don't have anything to do.) I like being at home and leaving early meant I didn't have to deal with rush hour traffic on the way home. Yay! And now I can get paid to write blog entries in my underwear while dealing with my massive sneeze attacks.

Anyway, I wanted to write down my resolutions for the New Year. (I won't talk about New Year's Eve since Austin already covered that.) So here they are, my resolutions for 2008:

1. I resolve to get in shape this year. (Austin: "what shape? like pear-shape? diamond? perhaps parallelogram?") My shape of choice is to get back to the weight I was happy at and also be h…