Awwwwwww Comfort

Soft and squishy Like
Sleeping on a cloud
How I love my mattress pad!

So, yes, Austin and I got a new mattress topper. It finally finished decompressing and we put it on our bed last night. (The edges didn’t finish all the way but it had been 2 ½ days and I didn’t want to wait anymore, besides we don’t sleep on the edges anyway and the edges aren’t even on our bed really.) It was heavenly… It was like sleeping on cloud or resting on a marshmallow. All joint pain and tension immediately ceased. Austin and I have been talking about it all day today. We can’t wait to go to bed just so we can lie on it. The mattress topper consists of 2 inches of memory foam that is zipped into 2 inches of a microfiber quilted top. The whole thing has a connector piece that tucks into the mattress. It’s absolutely wonderful! It was worth all the money! I hope to be having much sweeter dreams from now on.


lynette said…
Wow, I've never heard of these before. We have a feather bed that we lay atop of our mattress and the first night we slept in it, I rolled over and Ammon mumbled in a sleepy stupor, "I feel like I'm sleeping in a cloud." I was hilarious, yet true. Sweet dreams!
Heather said…
I want one of those right RIGHT now!
bruce said…
Right. Here's the story. I need to find somewhere that sells cheap mattresses that are comfortable and affordable. I've just moved into a new house, but I'm only renting so god knows how long I'll be here. It isn't furnished, but I already have a bed so that isn't important (it's standard double size, by the way). I don't want to spend loads purely because I'll probably just end up throwing it away when I move again.

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