So I’ve decided to do what Austin does and summarize my poll results. Apparently, the majority of you would pay off debt and/or buy a house if you had a million dollars. The next two highest answers were “invest it” and “shopping spree!” Nobody would give half a million dollars as a tip and nobody thinks that having a million dollars doesn’t matter since you can’t take it with you.

So my new poll is up. Please vote. Leave comments here if you'd like to discuss your superpowers.

On Facebook I am TLee (formerly Ice Girl from planet Frosty) and my current strength is electrokinesis. My arch nemesis was Polarito (AKA Austin) until we got tired of stealing each other's XP.


Austin said…
Hello IceGirl/Tlee. We meet again. I didn't choose the superhuman thirst for knowledge, cuz i already have it. But flying, glowing in the dark, etc. Those would be pretty nice.

so would telekinesis, as long as it didn't mean I had an overly humongous cranium, and the ability to make lousy puns.
Anonymous said…
sooo there's a 40 to 70 percent chance it is raining right now.

I know, you wish you had ESPN too, don't you.
Heather said…
I want to fly, teleport, move things with my mind, and read my children's thoughts.

(note that I didn't put down read other people's mind-ugh!)

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