Thanks: Two

Okay, I have procrastinated long enough. Here are my thank-yous part two! I’d like to generally thank Austin’s family for accepting me into their family. From the very first minute I was treated like family and that meant a lot to me. It was the first time that I met another person’s family and I felt like I belonged.

Thank you Mark & Alice for raising such a wonderful guy for me to marry. Thank you Mark for being such an example of generosity. Thank you both for helping us out financially and for flying us out to Houston. It means a great deal to the both of us. Thank you Mark for your great sense of humor. Thank you Alice for being a wonderful mother-in-law. I’m so glad that I got a second Mom and another friend instead of a Monster Mother-in-Law. Thank you both for the cards you send us throughout the year.

Thank you Ammon & Lynette for the influence you’ve had on Austin’s life. I know he looks to you as two of his closest friends. I wish we lived closer because I know we would get along famously. Thank you Lynette for writing your blog and giving me something to do at work. :) I’m glad that I’ve gotten to know you better that way. And thank you (and Ammon) for your comments on my blog. They are always appreciated.

Thank you Carly & Wesley for being two more adorable people for me to love. I’m so happy to have another niece and nephew to spoil. I only wish you weren’t so far away so I could spend more time with you.

Thank you Andrew & Alex for being wonderful younger brothers to Austin. He misses you both so much. We are excited to visit again. Thank you Andrew for teaching me how to play Kingdom Hearts. It was fun. Thank you Andrew also for your comments on mine and Austin’s blog. Thank you Alex for your sweet spirit and tender heart.

Thank you Nana & Grandpa for making me feel loved and a part of the family. Thank you for your financial support and advice. Thank you for the dinners and for the time you have shared with us. Thank you for the emails and for the cards and gifts and for the rides to the airport and for teaching me Shangai.

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Beckstrom for also accepting me into the family. Thank you for our couch. Thank you for the gifts and for the cards you’ve sent. Thank you letting us stay in your home two years ago. Thank you for all the help and service and love you’ve shown Austin and me.

Thank you Uncle Paul & Aunt Mary Ellen (Grandma 3) for inviting us over and for feeding us many Sunday dinners. Thank you for being a supportive influence in Austin's life.

I’d like to thank all of Austin’s aunts, uncles, and cousins for their love and kindness and support they’ve shown us. Thanks Craig for letting Austin live with you briefly. Thanks Brett & Charlotte for playing games with us and for helping us move. Thanks Carissa & Rylan & Charlotte for coming to Austin’s surprise party. Thanks Uncle Jim & family for feeding us and playing with us and talking with us. Thanks Aunt Kerri & family for recently spending time with us and for coming out for our wedding. Thanks also for letting us borrow sandcastle stuff when we were in California. Thank you Jan & family for being wonderful and supportive people. Thank you Justin for finally accepting me (and for stopping calling me Trixie) and for being one of Austin's closest friends. He misses you. Thank you Kathryn for marrying Justin and for mellowing him out. Thank you both for being such good friends to Austin and me. Thanks Uncle David & family for spending time with us during visits. Thanks Uncle Mark & family for playing cards with us and for having good-natured senses of humor. Thanks Uncle Steve & family for spending time with us.

Okay, that is it for now. To be continued…


lynette said…
Well, you-are-welcome! And thank you for having a blog so I can get to know you better too!
Andrew said…
You're welcome, and thank you.

Yeah, Kingdom Hearts is awesome.

Trixie? I don't get it.

Heather said…
Okay, you officially know more people than I do.
Anonymous said…
...and WE are thankful for YOU! (and do love you very much!) see you, Mom B

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