I just heard that Heath Ledger died. Though I didn't know him personally, I liked him as an actor. It's quite a tragedy to die so young. He was only 28. Only four years older than me. . . Hearing news like this always reminds me that death can come at any time to anyone. I'm not afraid of death, but I rather hope I live much longer than 28.


kristyl104 said…
I posted on Austin's blog about Heath. I too will miss seeing him in movies. How sad for such a young person to be gone. His daughter will miss out on knowing that she had a great father.
Heather said…
I am not into the Hollywood scene, but I loved the Knight's Tale movie.

My boys watch it at least once every month.
lynette said…
This is so sad. I sure hope I live longer than him as well, I just turned 28 (gulp)!

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