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Feeling Better

So thought I'd update and let everyone know I'm mostly doing better. I've just been having a rough time adjusting to parenthood. I don't handle lack of sleep well. And trying to balance work and taking care of a baby (and rarely seeing Austin) has been difficult. Not to mention my health, nursing, and loneliness issues.

One thing that's helped is I now have my friend Wendy and Charity's husband James's cousin Charlotte (say that ten time fast) helping me watch Moby for a few hours a couple times a week. It helps me make my phone calls I need to make and focus on my work. It also gives me some MUCH-NEEDED company. Sometimes I can feel a little isolated and trapped in my own house. Okay, change that to almost always. Anyway, I might post some day on my new passion: birth. I've become obsessed with learning everything about it.

Calling All Moms

Why do you enjoy being a mom? Let me know. I'd like to know. And when, pray tell, is it supposed to "get better"?


A person slowly going insane

P.S. I feel like something is fundamentally wrong with me.