Calling All Moms

Why do you enjoy being a mom? Let me know. I'd like to know. And when, pray tell, is it supposed to "get better"?


A person slowly going insane

P.S. I feel like something is fundamentally wrong with me.


I love seeing the little quirks that I know my kids got from me or Ross. It lets me know that these really were little spirits meant for my home to be raised by me. I find a LOT of comfort in that when I start to go a little bit insane.

I am sorry things are rough. I think it tends to get easier when the sleep gets better. Hang in there, and pass him off to Dad and take a Tylenol PM when you really need it. Seriously- he's in this too. :)
Heidi Ferguson said…
It's not like every second of motherhood is awesome. Most seconds are tedious and tiring, actually. It's just that it pays big dividends. And I think the older your baby gets, the bigger the trouble and the bigger the dividends. My kid spends a lot of the day crying or whining or throwing tantrums, but there are wonderful moments where I witness him discovering the world and being so fascinated, or learning new words or learning sweet gestures like kisses and hugs.

It sounds like you need to spend more time out and about, socializing or are not getting enough time alone. Those things really help. Getting together with other mothers, doing activities with them. Making sure you and Austin have a date alone. Those things aren't just important, they are essential to happiness. You really can't stay cooped up in your house all day and night with a baby. That=craziness!!! And you know you can always call or write me to vent a little!
lynette said…
Truth is, it's always hard--you just get use to it.

I had to learn to appreciate the little moments--like when your baby is laughing or when they fall asleep in your arms--those are the moments that will get you through the rough times.

And, I agree with the other comments too--once the baby starts sleeping better it seems easier.

Don't worry! Nothing is wrong with you! It's hard. Just take it a day at a time and before you know it, you'll be a pro!
HayLee said…
sounds like a little bit of postpartum mixed with work and caring for a new baby, I'm not for sure, but it will pass. When your feeling down think of me,and know it has got to be worth it, and things could be worse. It's so fun to hear you be a mom, makes me so proud of my sister! I do look up to you.
Lechelle said…
I'm very sorry you are having such a hard time! I agree with Heidi, get out more and spend some more Tracie time. Maybe you can start trading kids off with other moms? That's how my neighbors do it, they watch someone else's kids for an hour or two and then the next day their kids are watched while they clean or just nap.

The best part of being a mom is being sealed. Knowing that no separation is permanent and nothing has the power to change that, absolutely nothing. That is what brings me the greatest joy.
Charity said…
Hey Tracie,
Let's have a work-together day tomorrow, eh? I'll come up around 9 and hang out with you and we can deal with these kiddos together. How bout it? You have to say yes, I need company.
Love you!
Heather said…
I agree with all the comments everyone has listed. It is all very good advice. The one thing I noticed for me in the beginning was being cooped up and mostly broke. That means I literally couldn't go anywhere with friends- shopping, get ice cream and whatnot.

I remember it got easier around 4 months. The first 3 were always the hardest. The irony is that later I always missed the first 3 months and regretted not enjoying the tiny babyhood more.

Take it from me, as a mom with kids in tweens and teens, you will sincerely miss it. I now reminsce about the "good old days' where things were quieter and simpler and when I had time to catch a couple of TV shows in the evenings while nursing my baby. I don't even get to watch Smallville anymore in the last 18 months because of time.

Finally, make sure you are getting exercise! That is my biggest regret on not following through on that through the years.
Charlo said…
Almost every person I know with a newborn writes a blog like this... So even if you are crazy, at least you are normal.
BrItTnEeaNN said…
Coming to the Schramer's Party as a date for you and Austin would be a great idea without the baby even though we totally think he is cute:)

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