Feeling Better

So thought I'd update and let everyone know I'm mostly doing better. I've just been having a rough time adjusting to parenthood. I don't handle lack of sleep well. And trying to balance work and taking care of a baby (and rarely seeing Austin) has been difficult. Not to mention my health, nursing, and loneliness issues.

One thing that's helped is I now have my friend Wendy and Charity's husband James's cousin Charlotte (say that ten time fast) helping me watch Moby for a few hours a couple times a week. It helps me make my phone calls I need to make and focus on my work. It also gives me some MUCH-NEEDED company. Sometimes I can feel a little isolated and trapped in my own house. Okay, change that to almost always. Anyway, I might post some day on my new passion: birth. I've become obsessed with learning everything about it.


Jessica said…
Yay!!!! It probably helped that you got out of the house last night too. :)
JanB said…
Glad things are looking up. But promise us something...no more posts without PICTURES! I'm sure he's growing and changing every day.
lynette said…
I'm so glad to hear you are doing better. It's a tough transition into motherhood. In fact, for me, having my second child was a breeze because I felt like I was already in "mommy-mode." And, I'm obsessed with birth too! I can't stop watching all those delivery shows on TLC (Deliver Me, A Baby Story, etc.) I'm sure it's because I'm so close to the end, but I just can't get enough!
Charlo said…
You are always welcome to come visit us.

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