Big Belly

30 weeks

So when I did my pregnancy post I forgot to mention a few things. One is I have now joined the Belly Stretch Mark Club. About a week ago I had just got out of the shower and looked in the mirror, and lo and behold, there it was. That purple little devil. I know it shouldn’t really matter. I’m already covered in stretch marks all over the rest of my body due to my constant fluctuating sizes growing up. But my belly was the ONE place I didn’t have any. But that has now changed. I have since gotten another one since then and I will probably get much more. I guess I should be more vigilant about applying my cocoa butter cream.

Other “fun” pregnancy changes: My stomach is now hairy and dry. I’ve never been a very hairy person, but I have dark, ugly hairs residing on my belly now, as well as itchy, dry skin that likes to flake off every once in a while. My breasts are getting bigger and saggier by the minute. (Austin doesn’t mind the size change, but I do.) I really can’t imagine them getting any bigger but I’ve been told that they will. One of the most frustrating things about being pregnant has been losing my mind. I have always prided myself on my excellent memory and my ability to multi-task. I’ve always been able to get anything done efficiently (once I decided I wanted to). But no longer. Now I’m a scatterbrained mess. I can’t remember things. I can’t focus or concentrate. Things that were once easy are now difficult and it takes me twice as long to do anything. I’m hoping that postpartum my brain will return. I sorely miss it.

I’m now wearing maternity garments. For anyone who wants to know, I like them. I highly recommend getting at least the bottoms. Just be careful to get the right size. The maternity tops are okay, but they’re kinda huge on me. Mostly because I have a small torso, and they don’t make “petite” maternity tops. I wish I had gotten some a month earlier because my other garments were starting to cut into me and it was extremely uncomfortable.

I wanted to briefly record some events that occurred during my pregnancy. Four weeks ago I went in to do my glucose test. Not fun. I haven’t felt that sick since the first trimester. The drink tasted like a flat, sugary, watery orange soda, which made me nauseous. When I went to get my blood drawn, I almost threw up. And then I almost fainted due to the loss of blood. Fortunately I had brought snacks. As soon as she was done, I immediately grabbed a snack and started eating. I kept my head between my knees and didn’t stand up. I stayed there for about fifteen minutes, after which I started feeling better. Later that night I had to go back to the hospital to get my Rhogam shot. I’m RH– which means that if my baby is RH+ (which is highly likely), my body will start producing antibodies and reject future babies. The shot is supposed to prevent my body from making these antibodies. I had to get one then and I’ll have to get another one when the baby is born. I HATE getting shots more than anything, but this time I was pleasantly surprised. She was done before I even knew she had given me the shot. It didn’t hurt. The glucose test was MUCH worse than getting the shot.

I was relieved to find out from the test results that I’m not anemic and I don’t have diabetes. That was a relief. I was really, really worried about the diabetes. I have a high risk factor of getting it due to my family history and what-not. I also have a family history of high blood pressure, which I’ve fortunately also been able to avoid thus far in my pregnancy. I’ve been trying to avoid any and all complications, especially since I really want to have a natural childbirth and having any complications (even common ones) will make that more difficult.

Sleeping and moving around and getting stuff done has gotten a lot harder in the last few weeks. My back hurts a lot. And my hips hurt when I sleep. I’ve also been getting leg cramps and Charlie horses. I’m always tired these days. I’m going to try getting more sleep and more exercise and see if that helps. Though I’ve heard that the last few months suck no matter what you do.

My next post on pregnancy will cover my birthing classes (which are awesome) and my desire to have a natural childbirth. Stay tuned.

Here are some pics of me in my Easter maternity dress:


I HATED the charlie horses! You look beautiful in your dress. Pregnancy suits you- you really are glowing!
Heather said…
I love the Easter dress pics. Who took them?

And I STILL remember the charlie horses! I remember waking up screaming and having no idea why I was in intense pain.

I was SO huge at 9 months preggers with my first baby, and Ryan practically jumped out of bed when I screamed.

Then I screamed, "my legs are cramping!! I can't reach my legs! I can't stretch them. HELP ME! HELP ME! PUSH UP MY TOES! No NO! Not that way. THAT WAY! YES, finally. (whimpering and crying....)

I don't think Ryan went back to sleep after that.
lynette said…
I think whether you get stretch marks or not is hereditary and it doesn't matter if you use cocoa butter (at least that's what my OBGYN said.) Oh the joys of motherhood.
Charlo said…
I kinda wondered why they didn't just have me drink a real soda when I did that stupid test.

Whenever I tell people that I have lost my memory, they always tell me to "wait until you're pregnant." I'm already loosing it, and not that excited about that.
Charity said…
Aw you're so cute Tracie! Those pics are awesome and I love the new dress.
Cheryl said…
Love the update. The dress is very cute.
Don't get too excited to get that pre-pregnancy brain back. You are sleep deprived after the baby and it makes it worse. I'm still waiting for my brain to return and Mason is 4. :)
Also, on the leg cramps, you need to up your calcium. I had to take an extra one in the morning and one at night sometimes.
Brittnee Ann said…
Cute dress, I'll be coming to you when I'm prego because I don't really relate to it now ha ha.

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