Though I've talked about being pregnant a lot, I haven't really blogged that much about it. With only 60 days till my due date, I wanted to do a post about my experiences being pregnant thus far. If you don't want to read about it, feel free to skip this post.

6 weeks
First Trimester
I've already written about how I found out I was pregnant and how we initially told everyone. In the beginning I was excited and nervous and couldn't really believe I was actually pregnant. I felt pretty good in the first few weeks, besides the sore breasts. Around 8 weeks or so, morning sickness hit. It felt worse than any nausea I had heretofore experienced. I learned quickly to not get up too fast and eat frequently. I ate crackers and sucked ginger mints. (By the way, I hate crackers now.) I did not throw up very much. Mostly because I will do ANYTHING to avoid throwing up. I'm not one of those people who will throw up and get it over with. I'll try to make it go away. I found that following these rules were very helpful in preventing vomiting:
1. Never eat anything that doesn't sound good.
2. If something that was tasting good all of the sudden stops tasting good, stop eating IMMEDIATELY. (Even if it means spitting out food instead of swallowing it.)
3. Never get hungry.
4. Eat as soon as you get up.
5. Eat in the middle of the night if you need to. Never go to bed hungry.
6. Sleep and don't move around as much as possible.
7. Keep food near the bed and don't get up quickly.

I credit these rules (and perhaps good luck) to keeping my vomiting to a minimum. I still felt nauseated most days. Some were worse than others. Thinking about this again, I am SO glad to not feel this way anymore. (Morning sickness was pretty much gone by 20 weeks.) One of the times I did throw up were because I broke rules number 1 and 2. I was eating a tuna fish sandwich that I didn't really want to eat but there wasn't anything else to eat. It started making me sick but I kept eating. That is until the urge to puke came upon me so suddenly I pretty much got it all over the place. Poor Austin. He was such a trooper. He cleaned most of it up. Even after I kept repeatedly throwing up. I loved tuna fish, but I have not touched the stuff since and don't know if I'll ever be able to again. Speaking of food changes, I have also lost my love of broccoli, which I sorely miss. I have always LOVED broccoli, but have not been able to enjoy it during my pregnancy. It tastes extremely bitter to me. I'm hoping this will return when this is all over. I have also not been able to eat string cheese. Other food cravings have included, at various times, hamburgers, fries, apples, oranges, ice cream/frozen yogurt, chocolate, fruit snacks, Fruit Loops, and Frosty floats. I liked oranges all right before my pregnancy, but now I LOVE them. I eat at least one every day.

I also broke out like CRAZY in the first trimester. ALL OVER MY BODY. I even got a zit on my stomach. It was awful, and I hated it. My hair was also falling out. Other than these things and morning sickness and feeling bloated and extremely tired, I don't remember much else about the first trimester. Our first prenatal visit we didn't get to hear the heartbeat, but we did get to see our little boy (then known as Squiggle) in an ultrasound. We did hear the heartbeat at my 10 week appointment. It was seriously the best sound (except for the fact that I trouble paying attention to and enjoying it due to my midwife stabbing my abdomen with the Doppler). It was the first time that pregnancy started feeling more real, especially for Austin. Around 12 weeks of pregnancy, I stopped doing the "elastic hairband trick" to keep my pants on and bought a few pairs of maternity pants. Those lasted until I bought my nice maternity jeans (that I'm still wearing) around 16 weeks.
24 weeks
Second Trimester
I really wish I could go back to the second trimester. This was the best time. Morning sickness went away, and I started getting rounder and actually looking pregnant instead of fat. My energy was returning, for the most part. Near the beginning of the second trimester, I got the stomach flu, which was absolutely horrendous. At first we just thought it was morning sickness, but I couldn't stop throwing up. I couldn't even keep water down. Austin gave me a blessing, and we called a nurse around 5 in the morning and asked what I should do. (We were worried about me being dehydrated and hurting the baby.) Austin was totally freaking out. He wanted me to go to the hospital. I'm glad we waited. (I wanted to wait a few more hours to see if I could keep water down.) After 17 hours or so of continuous vomiting, I finally was able to keep a few ounces of water down. The rest of the day I was on liquids only. By the following day, I was able to eat a few solids (mostly toast and the like). By day three, I was able to mostly eat normally again. I spent the entire weekend sick. It was awful. Probably the worst I've felt in my life. Stomach flu is always nasty; it's worse when you're pregnant.

Besides this unpleasant experience, second trimester was awesome. We had our 20 week ultrasound and found out we were having a boy! We decided on the name Morgan and have been calling him that since. My hair stopped falling out and my skin cleared up, for the most part. One of the best parts was feeling the baby move for the first time. It was around 22 weeks or so (which was later than I wanted to start feeling him) and I was sitting at the computer when all of the sudden I felt this little "flip" feeling in my stomach. I stopped what I was doing and asked myself, "Was that the baby?" A few seconds later, it happened again. I then realized that it was NOT gas but was in fact the baby. I was so happy to finally feel him. Those first movements were so awesome. They felt like little bubbles doing flips in my stomach. These little flips have steadily gotten stronger. They became big kicks. Now the kicks are starting to die down and I'm starting to feel bigger movements. It's such a strange and wonderful feeling. I think I'm going to miss feeling him move when it's all over, despite the fact that he loves to move the most when I'm trying to sleep.

28 weeks
Third Trimester
I am now in my third trimester. I can hardly believe it. I swear I'm getting bigger every day. The change from 20 weeks to 24 weeks and 24 weeks to 28 weeks was incredible. I'm just getting bigger and rounder. And with that comes the ability to no longer easily pick things up. I also get exhausted quite quickly. I have to rest frequently when doing anything. My back and joints hurt. I get heartburn. My arms and legs fall asleep easily. I get leg cramps. I toss and turn at night a lot. It's so hard to get comfortable. It's starting to take me longer to get out of bed and it's more of an effort. I feel "full" all the time, but not from eating. I get up several times at night to go to the bathroom. I feel pressure on my bladder and pelvic area from time to time. My hands, ankles, and feet have swollen slightly.

I'm really getting to the point that I'm ready to be done with all this. I'm SO looking forward to not being pregnant anymore. Though 2 months is not a long time, I have a feeling it's going to go both extremely slow and extremely fast. Austin and I still have so much to do. We are totally not ready to have this baby yet. (As far as preparation goes.) We started childbirth education classes last week and I'm loving them so far. We're going to Birthing From Within classes. It's a 6 week course. We met once a week for three hours. It focuses on more than just teaching information (which I've mostly picked up by reading more books on pregnancy and labor than you'd care to know). We also learn to become emotionally prepared to have a baby. More on this later.

I thought I would have had more mood swings than I've had being pregnant. Though I've had a few major breakdowns due to feelings of being overwhelmed with everything and I've been a bit more snappy than usual, I haven't been too bad. I've kept my irrational lashing out and crying to a bare minimum. We'll see what happens in the next few months though.

At 30 weeks we got to see a sneak peek at Morgan (which you've all seen on Austin's blog by now). It was pretty cool. I'm glad we did that, though I wish the baby looked more like me. He looks all Austin for now, but we'll see what happens when he finally graces us with his appearance.

So this is it for now I guess. I'll post more about the last third of my pregnancy as it happens. I can't believe it's almost over. I can't wait to finally hold my baby in my arms.

(More preggo pics to come... I really meant to take pictures every month, but...I didn't. Thus the jump from 6 weeks to 24 weeks lol)


Brittnee Ann said…
Wow Tracie you look beautiful in the 24 week photo. That shirt is super cute I have never seen it on you! Your hair is way cute as well!!
Brittnee Ann said…
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lynette said…
I had terrible stomach flu with Wesley--towards the end of my second trimester. HORRIBLE!

I agree, the second trimester is the best, but I hate to tell you, I almost think the last month is the worst. By then, I'm tired-but can't sleep, ready to have the baby-but still waiting. Good luck with your final days! We can't wait to see little Morgan!
Heather said…
Yeah, 2nd trimester is always the best time at being pregnant, hands down.

Funny about the break out thing. I only broke out all over with ONLY BOYS too. With Leah, I didn't, and looked my best-pregnancy speaking. (best hair, best skin, least weight gain etc)

Keep us updated.
Kris said…
I love seeing my daughters(in-law too) pregnant. You are all beautiful. Can't wait to see little Morgan.
bishopfamily said…
I love hearing all about your pregnancy. Thanks for taking the time to let us all know whats been going on with you and this sweet baby to come! Hope the rest of the time goes well for you..I Better be invited to a baby shower!
Anonymous said…
Awww... Thank you for posting those pix! You look BEAUTIFUL!

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