I didn't start the fire...

But I did burn the bread. I have now become my mother's daughter. My whole life growing up my mom has been pretty much incapable of NOT burning garlic bread, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. We've always, good-naturedly, teased her for this.

About a month ago Austin was craving garlic bread. I make excellent garlic bread. Butter, real garlic, spices, and crispy crust. We were both looking forward to the bread. However, due to my pregnant scatterbrainedness, I promptly forgot about the bread. I jumped up when I smelled smoke coming from the oven. To our despair, I had burned the bread almost beyond edibility. But I didn't let this stop me. Wanting to salvage the bread, I scooped out the middle of the pieces and savored what precious little there was to eat.

Mom, I will no longer tease you for burning the bread.


Heather said…
ha ha ha ha ha haha ha hah aha

umm yeah,

so I still burn the bread/muffins/toast/garlic bread ALL THE TIME.

and I get teased about it from Ryan and a lot of guff about it from Ryan

(if you're gonna leave the kitchen, then just don't make the bread/muffins/etc)
Charlo said…
my dad likes burnt bread. I thought it was just his "my parents grew up in the depression and I was the oldest of 12 children" mentality (no, he doesn't actually say that), but --as it turns out--he actually likes burnt bread.
Austin said…

Or is that Milhouse?


That's it. My apologies to you and your burnt-bread-liking-depression-living father.
Charity said…
aw, sad day. they look pretty sad, there. but glad there was something salvageable.
Jen said…
To funny, I always space out on bread. It just cooks to quickly but not quick enough to just stand there and take it out. Love ya!
I like burnt bread...not as burnt as you made them tracie.
Brittnee Ann said…
Funny I have done that too! And yes your forgiven, I was just teasing.
JanB said…
Hey, the middles look delicious!
Kris said…
Well, all I can say is, you are your mother's daughter. LOL

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