Why I Love Susan Boyle

For those who haven't been following the news or the viral video, Susan Boyle is a 47-year-old woman from a teeny town in Scotland. She is one of this year's contestants on Britain's Got Talent.

I discovered the viral video via a news article online. I watched it and discovered why, only a few days later, the video has reached 21 million views.

The video introduces us to Susan, a plump, unattractive, poorly dressed woman who admits she sings to her cat and has never been kissed. She walks out on stage and within seconds the audience, and the judges, have already made up their mind about her. They cynically wait for her to make a fool of herself. But Susan refuses to be shaken. With her witty remarks and refusal to let others get to her, Susan displays great self-confidence and what can only be called moxie. They may judge her, but she believes in herself.

And then Susan begins to sing....and out comes one of the most beautiful voices I've heard in a long time. Almost instantly, the audience is on their feet. As she sings about dreams, you find yourself believing with her. You know she knows what she's singing as she pours her soul out with her voice. The emotion reaches out through cyberspace and touches your heart.

Some may ask, "why is this video so popular?" or say "This isn't the most amazing voice I've ever heard." It's not about the singing people (though the singing, though not entirely "perfect," is spectacular). It's about how people in this world take one look at somebody and judge what he or she is worth. She couldn't be a good singer because she didn't look like somebody who could sing. It only takes a few seconds to be judge, jury, and executioner these days.

Susan Boyle reminded me that EVERYONE is incredible in some way, whether they can sing, dance, give a good speech, make a good cake, be a good friend, whatever. You don't need to be beautiful, well-packaged, perfectly proportioned, or well-groomed to be incredible. You don't need to be what people call "normal." No one is normal. We are all uniquely gifted spirits. We all have something to offer. Just because we don't look or seem the part does not mean that we too are not worth something. The next time you think about judging someone else, especially for appearances, remind yourself that that person is incredible too. You may not know what or how makes that person incredible, but it's there. Within each of us of us "ordinary" people is the power to be extraordinary.

Susan Boyle dared to take a risk, to believe in herself, despite her age, appearance, or lifestyle. With her genuine spirit and charming attitude, she showed the world that yes, she too has something to give and yes, she too is incredible. She won over the audience and the judges and, in the process, won over my heart. And that's why I love Susan Boyle.


Heather said…
Yes I agree. I watched the video today, and a couple of interviews.

I can relate with Susan Boyle because I have been degradingly judged my whole life (dumb deaf retarded girl: who will never graduate high school, who will never attend college, who will never get married or have kids, who will live on government handouts etc etc)

This is why we do not judge a book by its cover people!!
This was so well spoken, Tracie. I love your writing!
Troy said…
Amen. And that is all I got to say about that.

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