Car Woes

So, before I bought my car I noticed the a/c go out during a test drive. We told the people that we wouldn’t buy it until they fixed it. Next time we came, it was “fixed,” and we bought my car. A month later the a/c started going out. Slowly the speeds and the fan died. It wasn’t too bad in the summer since I didn’t drive that much and I could get some cool air when on the freeway. Flash forward to the winter AKA the Cold Death of Coldness. So, I drove to Salt Lake and back every day. I have had almost no heat (except when cruising at higher speeds and when I had the defroster on from some reason). So last week the defroster stopped working and I was getting almost no heat. I couldn’t take it anymore so I finally took my car to the shop to get fixed. I found out that I needed a new blower motor and a new blower resistor (the thing that makes the air go different speeds). Sigh….
So $478 dollars later, my heater works again! I no longer freeze on my way to work, tap my leg to keep warm, or try to ooze out any heat. The poop thing, of course, was the price it took to get my heater going. They charged us twice as much for parts as needed. Next time we will be avoiding Tunex and going somewhere else. The only good thing is the work has a six-month warranty. So, hopefully all be well and I will stay warm.


Andrew said…
You used a defroster in the winter?!


lynette said…
I know poor Ammon can relate. He drove our van for over a year with no AC, even in the summer. That's the equivalent of driving your car without a heater in the winter--BRUTAL!
Charlo said…
I used to have to drive my truck with the window rolled down in the winter... that is, until I met a brett-brett who taught me that the heater only worked when it was on the second to highest setting, and the mode was on defroster. No exceptions.

ANd that is when I fell in love with him.
Heather said…
I hate rip off car companies!

Sometimes they are a like den of seedy evil. They "claim to fix" your car, but know that you will be coming back with more cash to fix it again.

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