Yay! Good news! I finally got another job interview! The call came this morning at 8:30am. I was still sleeping (my alarm was due to go off soon.) I was in the middle of a sound sleep when my phone started ringing extremely loudly (did I mention my ringtone is extremely loud?) startling me awake. Lately I've been rushing to answer every phone call in the hopes that it will be someone wanting to set up an interview. In my startled state I knocked the phone off my nightstand under the bed where I frantically tried to recover it before it stopped ringing. Let me tell you the adrenalines was fun. I finally managed to answer it and I tried to respond as if I was fully awake and my brain was fully functional. Turns out it was a guy from Western Something University, an online university that had posted a job for an editor on craigslist. I mostly successfully handled myself and got an interview set up for next week. I was excited about this job because it's an actual full-time editing job that pays like $14 or more an hour. The only downside is its in Murray, which means I'll be doing a lot of driving.

For those that know of Brian Regan...I had a "you too" moment. At the end of the phone call the man mentioned something about looking forward to the interview and I said "you too" or something like that. Idiot! I wanted to smack myself. Hopefully I didn't come across as too much of an idiot. I'll have to be really impressive in the interview. Good thing I have a whole week to prepare.

Okay, so I don't know the name of the guy. I realized this shortly after the phone call. There was no name on craigslist either. I remember that he said something about the university calling but I don't believe he ever offered his name. Now here's my dilemma. Do I call the number back and ask for a name? Or should I just go to the interview and tell the receptionist I have an interview and hope he/she knows who I'm talking about?? I'm afraid to call the number in case of the possibility that he DID mention his name but in my semi-comatose, adrenaline-rush state I completely and totally missed it. So now I have two choices...both of which might make me out to be a total ├╝ber idiot. The agony!


kristyl104 said…
Tracie you crack me up. Hopefully your interview will go well. I know you are qualified to do the job. good luck.
Cheryl said…
Good Luck. It sounds like a great opportunity.
Maybe they have a website and you can find a name you recognize or something. Hope it works out for you.
lynette said…
If it was me, I'd just show up to the interview. Tell them YOUR name and that you are there for an interview and hope they know with whom!
Heather said…
I concur with all three above comments.

Website idea looks like a really good start.

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