Yes! Yes! Thank You! And the crowd goes wild!

So great news! I got the job in Murray! Woo-hoo! They offered $13/hr with benefits. I did talk to them about the wage. I'll get an annual raise automatically, but they also do performance reviews twice a year where they discuss raises. There is also opportunities for advancement from Tier One to Tier Two, which most likely comes with a pay raise. So yeah. I'm excited! I start in two weeks! I don't have to wear business dress, which is great because I don't own anything like that, except the outfit I just barely bought to interview in. So now I won't have to fork out money for new clothes, except I will after I start making some money! I'm looking forward to work as an editor. I'm not looking forward to the commute or having to get up at 7, but I'll adjust. It'll be good to be busy again and have something to do. And it'll be good to have money. I'm going to miss my boys horribly. I've become rather attached to my nephews. It'll be sad not getting to see them as often anymore. But I'm looking forward to moving on with my life.

Though I did accept this job, I have another job interview on Thursday for a full-time editing position here in Orem. I'll take that one if I like it better and/or it pays more. If it pays more I might go back to the job I just accepted and see if they'll match it. I really think that I might keep the Murray job though because I feel really good about it. I already like the people and I think I'll enjoy the job. Like I said, the only real downside is driving to and from Murray. The pay's not bad, I can tell I like the people, and I can tell I'll enjoy my job. Anyway...I've got to cook dinner. I'll update again soon.


lynette said…
See, there's always something better just around the corner! Congrats...and good luck!
hhferguson said…
Yay! I'm glad you were able to get this job. Hopefully you like it and that the drive won't be too much of a strain. Good luck!
Anonymous said…
YEAH!!!!! Congratulations, Tracie!

Love, Mom B
Heather said…
***Going WILD HERE***

Whoo HOO! The door just opened- WIDE OPEN- just like I said it would!

Opportunities will always be there, especially with a BA degree!! #just like I said :)#

Yee-how! Congrats and everything, yada-yada.

A whole new chapter, new places and faces!

Good luck, and always DO YOUR BEST!

DYB: current Powell motto, as we have three scouts at this moment in our home

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