I finally found out that I did NOT get the Covenant job. I'm pretty sad about it. I really wanted it. They took long enough to get back to us. I will, however, still be able to do some freelance work for them. They sent me some information to get started on that. Now I just need to find another job. I've been looking, but haven't found anything promising. I hope I will find a job soon.

Austin and I went to the dentist today. HayLee cleaned my teeth. I like getting my teeth cleaned; it feels so nice. Austin has cavities. He's going back tomorrow to get them taken care of as our insurance expires on Friday. I had no cavities. When we get our new insurance (in 3 months) I'll go back to the dentist to get my 3 wisdom teeth out. Yay.


hhferguson said…
That sucks about the job. Don't stop trying though, but also don't be afraid to apply for jobs that may not be in your exact field of expertise.
lynette said…
Something better will come along-- you'll see!
Heather said…
i agree with the first comment too. with graduating and having a degree, a whole new world is waiting to be explored. check into writing freelance articles for magazines, such as Reader's Digest, writing poems, being a book club editor that writes reviews, start writing a children's book and get that published etc. you can always have that "job" for now that just pays the bills until you find something that you like, which will come along...
good luck with the job search!

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