Halloweeny Fun

I'm updating so you can all stop sending me dirty looks through cyberspace. I love Halloween. And yes I know that Thanksgiving is now approaching (a holiday I also love) but I'm writing about Halloween now so those of you sick of it will just have to deal with it.

I had two costumes this year. One for work and one for the family/friend Halloween parties. I decided on my work costume because of a conversation Charity and I had one day. We were discussing one day how we hated the term "comma nazi" because it has such a negative and derogatory connotation. So we decided to come up with a replacement. I decided that "comma ninja" was a much better alternative as one, ninjas kick the butt out of Nazis and two, it was a more accurate description. I approach editing in a subtle kick-butt approach, hi-yahing extra commas or karate chopping abused apostrophes. Like ninjas in the night, Charity and I sneak in and edit. Okay, so editors are nerdy. But most of you already knew that, so let's move on.

So thus Charity and I decided to dress up as Comma Ninjas for work. When the time came, it was just me as the lone Comma Ninja in the office, but I hold no ill will towards Charity as one, her costume as Zelda was freakin' awesome and two, I'm cool like that. So here I am in my ninja glory. Complete with comma. Watch out or I'll ninja your commas away...

So every year I try to have Austin and I dress up as a themed couple. This year we were originally going to be Morticia and Gomez but then borrowed an idea from Charity and decided to be Westley and Buttercup from Princess Bride instead. It was a fun costume though everyone kept thinking Austin was Zorro.

Ever year my family does a Halloween dinner. This year was no exception. We showed up at my parent's house where some of my family was gathered. Dinner was fantastic as usual: homemade chili, rolls, and fruit. There was also orange Tang-flavored juice carbonated through the use of dry ice. I love dry ice. It's fun. No Halloween party is complete without it. Here are pictures of people at the party:

Preston as Batman

Westley & Buttercup

Closeup of Westley & Buttercup

Taylor as Capt. Jack Sparrow

My crazy parents

Tyler as a tourist

Jess as a blonde

The boys as Capt. Jack Sparrow:

I think he's using Bonnetti's Defense

On the actual day of Halloween Westley and I went over to Brittnee and Matt's house. I had made pumpkin cheesecake (which was pretty freakin' awesome if I do say so myself) and there was candy and "blood" punch (aka Kool-aid) and muddy buddies and other treats. As an icebreaker game, Austin and I had written Halloween/scary characters on index cards and placed them on people's backs. People then had to guess who they were through yes and no questions. I ended up being the Joker, Austin was Van Helsing, Brittnee was Dracula, Matt was the Bride of Frankenstein, Bethany was the Wicked Witch of the West, and her husband Dane was the Phantom of the Opera. We then each read a "scary" story that we had brought. Everyone had brought a different kind of story so that was fun. Austin recited a poem he had partially memorized. Then we played a hybrid version of Halloween Cranium. We each wrote down a scene from a scary movie and then we had to pick out what we had to do with the scene. (use clay, act it out, charades, etc.) I think I won this game and we got Battle of the Sexes two-player cardgame. Yay for prizes.

Then we started a round robin of storytelling. Someone started a story and then we each had to take a turn continuing the story. The first story started about a guy that had hired a hitman to kill his best friend so he could have his girlfriend. It ended with the guy being a vampire who had hired the hitman because the hitman was the last in the line of werewolf hunters and the girl (who was indeed a werewolf) ate him.

The second story was about a bus driver who killed a witch and was scared to death by a strange cat. His wife then went insane and tried to kill him but he was already dead. Turns out it was a love story in the end with both of them dead and happy living on the moon or something like that.

Anyway, it was hilarious. If you'd have been there, you would've agreed.

Bethany and Dane then had to leave and so the rest of settled down (with the addition of one of Brittnee's guy friends) to watch The Orphanage, a scary movie in Spanish with English subtitles. It was pretty creepy and sad but not in a "you'll have nightmares for the rest of your life" way. It was scary in the way The Sixth Sense is scary. Anyway, it was a great Halloweeny time for all.

I almost forgot. This year Austin and I also finally carved pumpkins together for the first time. You have no idea how much I had to beg and plead Austin to get a pumpkin. It took forever to convince him it'd be fun to carve pumpkins. In the three + years we've been together we have never carved pumpkins and I felt like a part of my childhood was missing. I love traditions, and I love carving pumpkins. You're never too old to enjoy being a kid. Anyway here's some pics of the process:

Scooping out

Austin being weird as usual.

Completed products:


And that is me finally updating. I hope everyone is happy. :)


Heather said…
You and Austin just have the coolest fun with friends. Ryan and I never did stuff like that, ever. Never had friends over.

I think cause we realized that we preferred just the two of us to hang out.

Even so, what fun memories and friendship you are filling your life with. I am so proud of all you do, and of all the things you are involved in.

I also love the Princess Bride movie. I love the theme couple idea. I have done that ONCE with Ryan, our first year of marriage, and I practically forced him to wear it. We were "nerds" wearing clothes from our "elderly" next door neighbors.

This year Ryan wore the Superdad tee shirt, and considered himself "dressed up" for Halloween. Well, it was at least SOMETHING.

Loved the cute pics of all the McNeils and the party. Thanks for filling in on that one.
Jessica said…
Wow no wonder it took you a while to post! You had a lot going on. It sounded like a lot of fun!
JanB said…
Thank you for the update. I love all the pictures. You and Austin looked great!
Glad you got to finally carve a pumpkin!
Austin said…
Tracie, we're never happy, never satisfied, we always want you to post more.

Well, I do.

But this is a step in the right direction, keep them coming!
Austin said…
and i wasn't using bonetti's defense, it was capo fero. ;)
Lechelle said…
I'm super-happy to hear from you again.
lynette said…
did austin stay true to his costume and repeat, "as you wish" all night?
Austin said…
i do that every day, lynette!
Brittnee Ann said…
yEAH I'm famous I'm in your Halloween Blog. I'm so glad you told of it. I love Halloween I'm so sad it's over. I actually dislike Thanksgiving. Though I hope you have a happy one as your last one before you have a baby.

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