Bucket List

Austin and my friend Lechelle wrote bucket lists and made me think about doing the same. Without any adieu, here's my list: (italics indicate things I've already done)

Get married
Have a baby/Become a mother
Graduate from college
Become an editor

Write a book
Win a writing contest
Edit a book
Edit a fictional novel
Learn how to use Photoshop
Own a profitable website
Be interviewed by a prominent person
Win a notable award
Try out for American Idol (I don’t even care if I make it. I just want to try out.)
Audition for a stage play, preferable a musical
Get a part, preferably a starring role, in a play
Be in a commercial
Run for a small political office (like city council)
Be a contestant on a game show, preferably a winning contestant
Get challenged by Bobby Flay on “Throwdown”
Learn how to sew on a button
Visit Australia
Visit the Louvre
Go to the symphony
See an opera
See a Broadway play
Visit Italy
See the Sistine Chapel, David, the Mona Lisa, and Starry Night in person
Visit Hawaii
Sell a work of art
Use a pottery wheel
Catch a fish (in addition to that, I’d like to catch one “in the wild”)
See the sun rise
Go snorkeling (After conquering fear of drowning and learning how to swim and getting over shark anxiety)
Learn to play an instrument
Fly in a jet (not actually fly it myself, just be in one)
Swim with dolphins
See a whale
Go to the circus (preferably one with few clowns)
See an Olympic event in person (I probably missed my greatest chance in doing this already)
Open a restaurant
Visit Ireland
Find a four-leaf clover
Learn how to kickbox
Eat with chopsticks
Eat sushi
Go on a mission with Austin
See the live session of the endowment
See my boys (if I have more than one) serve a mission
See all my children married in the temple
Become a grandparent
Write an advice column
Write a letter to the editor
Write my congressman (will do this soon)
Meet a prophet
Meet the president of the United States
Be involved in an advocacy campaign
Go on a cruise
Visit Mexico
Learn another language fluently
Serve in a homeless shelter/soup kitchen
Be wealthy enough to make a sizeable donation to a library or to children’s education or fund a scholarship program
Own a freestanding house
Sing a solo
Be in a band
Be in a musical group
Visit Disneyland
Perform at Disneyland
Be a surrogate mother or adopt a child
Learn calligraphy
Climb Timpanogos
Run at least a half marathon
Ride on a train (a real one)
Visit New York
Ride a subway
Pay for a taxi
Kiss in the rain
Dance in the rain
Donate blood
DTD in a public place
Invent something useful
Go skiing
Plant a garden
Put a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea
Squish grapes for wine with my feet
Breastfeed for at least 12 months (hopefully I can add “exclusively” with the next child)
Sit in a natural hot spring
Visit the White House
Visit the Taj Mahal
Ride a camel
Go horseback riding for real (not being lead around on a pony in a circle)
Visit the Winchester House
Visit Nauvoo and Palmyra
Visit Adam-ondi-Ahman
Go on church history tour
Ride on a riverboat
Work one night at a haunted house scaring people
See the Golden Gate Bridge
See the Pyramids in Egypt
Go river rafting
See an active volcano
Write a screenplay
Record a song
Give birth naturally
Give birth in water (next time)
Get certified as a doula and practice as a doula
Get certified as a childbirth educator
Go to massage therapy school or at least take a class
Go to culinary school
Drive a waverunner
Build a photo studio in my home
Paint an oil painting
Visit Back East in the fall
See a movie at the Sundance Film Festival
Visit Hollywood
Try out for a reality TV show


Lechelle said…
Excellent list! I might have to steal a few to fill in some of the blanks on my list.

You performed at Disneyland? That's cool.

I can't believe you have not yet seen a live session. I might come out to Utah this summer for a few weeks, and if so we will have to try and plan a salt lake temple session together. It's amazing!
This is so randomly perfect! Some of them surprised me, and others just made me laugh! You are inspiring, and I have no doubt you will accomplish all of these things!
Charlo said…
Does DTD mean what I think it means....
Austin said…
Better than DTA where A stands for Austin.

I've already read most of the list, some surprises even for me, as well as ideas of what to do with you in the future.

No camel rides to the Taj Mahal in the near future, but maybe we can go on a church history trip when the kid(s) are older.
Anonymous said…
Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

Can someone help me find it?

Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.


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