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I've been posting a lot of "serious stuff" lately so thought I'd post some lighter stuff before I delve back into deeper matters.

First of all, Austin and I bought new couches! I got a bonus from work and we decided to use the money to get new furniture. So hello new couch and loveseat. Love, love, love them. I'd post pics but unfortunately my camera is broken. Does anyone know where I can get a Canon camera fixed? I haven't been able to take any pictures since Morgan's birthday, which means I'm missing many potential photo opportunities.

See here and here for online stock pictures of the couches. They look better in person.

Anyway, the couches are awesome. We looked all over the place, sitting in just about every couch in Utah County. Finally we found a sofa set (sofa + loveseat) at a place called I.M. Home in Provo. The couches are chocolate brown (so dark they're almost black but not) and I think faux leather but parts of them feel real. They're soft and incredibly comfortable. And did I mention they recline? I'm so happy to finally have a conversation area in my home. Now we don't have to have people sit on the floor or all in a row on the couch. We also got a new area rug which I also love. My house is finally starting to come together. Just give me another year and I'll finally have it the way I want it. And then we can have a house warming party. Two years after moving in isn't too late, is it?


Austin said…
I love the couches too, glad you love them as much as I do. We'll have it done someday, just look at it as ways to always improve. If we had the place looking the way you wanted when we first moved in, how boring would that be?

love you, and for the record, you are loved for the "serious" stuff such as PPD as much as you are loved for the "lighter stuff" such as leather couches.

basically, you are loved long time.
Of course you guys only get these after we've moved 6,000 miles away. Whose couch am I supposed to crash on after Wendy kicks me out now?
Austin said…
It's cute that you think we'd let you crash anyway, whether or not you're here.

Predictions dictate we're gonna side with Wendy, so you better make sure she doesn't ever kick you out.

Wendy McMillan said…
Thanks for the support, Austin. Couches look super comfy. Take a good sit in them for us, will you? And we are only 3 thousand miles away, not 6.
Can't wait to see pics of the house. Check out online for Canon fixes. Def go to the store where you bought it, check your warranty. You never know if they might be able to just replace the whole camera! Do some research and look around. You are def missing photo opportunities, so don't put it off!!
BrItT and MaTt said…
No it's totally not too late, I have been waiting for you to throw one! Maybe you can turn it into a Halloween Party ;)

We got couches from my work bonus as well. You will have to come see them!

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