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I don’t blog as much as I used to. (Paging Captain Obvious!) The reasons for this are many. Lack of time. Lack of motivation. Feeling unable to talk about the things that matter to me. Anyway, I’m making a new goal to blog once a month just to chronicle what is happening in our lives. If I don’t write this stuff down, I’ll forget it.

So here is the status of the members of the Austin & Tracie family:

Austin: still in school. I honestly don’t know when he’ll graduate at this point. I keep having my hopes dashed, so I’m not even going to set a date. It’ll most likely be sometime next year though. This summer he’s taking a computer programming class. For funsies. Hopefully it’ll teach him something. He’s working on a few graphic design side projects and has goals to work on stuff throughout the summer. This summer he’ll be home at 5ish so that will be great to have him home earlier.

Tracie: still working. I honestly don’t know when I’ll stop working at this point. This is directly tied to Austin being in school. I really like where I work and what I do, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to find a work/life balance. I feel torn in a million directions. I don’t talk about how I feel about work that much because I’ve learned it’s not a good idea to talk about your work on the Internet. So that’s all I’ll say about that for now. I’ve lost my babysitter AGAIN. So angry and frustrated about this. I’ll have to start the interviewing process all over again. Don’t know when I’ll find another one. Why are people so flaky?!
I’m still working on my doula certification. I’m taking a breastfeeding class next Saturday and a birth class sometime this summer. These are my last two requirements I need to finish. Then I need to gather all my paperwork, write up a bunch of stuff, and mail it in. I’ll submit my application in the summer and will probably be certified by the fall. (It takes months for applications to be processed.) Then hopefully I’ll start getting more clients. I have had a couple of potential clients, but nothing happened. So I’ve still only attended births of friends so far. If you know anyone who is pregnant and is interested in a doula, please give them my number. (And they don’t have to be interested in an unmedicated birth. I attend all types of births.) 

Morgan: He’s making progress though he still isn’t where I hoped he would be by now. With progress being as slow as it is, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to have a real conversation with him. Though I hope I will someday. Who knows what will happen in a year? We just had his assessment with the school district. I’ll write another post about that and where he is. In short, he still has significant delays and qualifies for services. He’ll be starting preschool in the fall. He’s currently obsessed with superheroes, his favorite TV shows, drawing, blankets, buses, and bubbles. He loves his grandparents, being active (understatement of the year), and eating treats. He’s got a major sweet tooth that one, something he definitely inherited from me. Keep tabs on the Morgan blog. I’m going to write an in-depth post on his development soon. 

That’s the basics for us right now. I’ll elaborate more later, but I thought I’d just get in the habit of blogging again by keeping it simple. Hope all my family and friends are doing well.


Learning computer programming is actually a really good idea. There are a lot of jobs out there looking for that kind of knowledge.

I hope this new post means you've overcome your fear of talking about what matters to you. I know you have a lot to say and there's a lot on your mind, so there's no reason to stay so silent (except about work).
Charlo said…
Blogs also have kinda died in general. I mean, I know there out there, but more and more people seam to be neglecting them for Facebook, or using blogs only as a source for marking things for pintrest.

I still prefere blogs though. The convenience of Facebook is a little too convenient. I feel it's not quite the place for more personal stuff, so I still love blogs... though I rarely find the time to read them anymore. Or write them... but heck... it's been a buisy year for me, and you.

THe good news is we see you guys more often then we used to, so the fact that we don't get read your blog posts
as much, not so bad, right?

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