Poll Results and Other News

I have a few things to say. One: I'm working on a post about American Idol. It's going to be good and long. Expect it soon. Two: Poll results:
The majority of you either like your job or like it depending on the day. Three of you said “Meh. It could be worse.” Two people hate their job with the passion of a burning sun. Two people like their job only because it pays them. Two people like their job and look forward to each day. One of you likes your job as much as any job could be liked. One of you sometimes likes your job. And not one person said flat-out that they didn’t like their job.
Okay, on to my third thing. Three: My best friend had her baby! Since she has her own blog, I’ll let her post about it. I was very happy to hear the news. I am going through the strangest feelings. I’m so happy and touched, I almost want to cry. I can’t believe her baby is finally here! I’m so happy for her. Though I’ve had siblings have babies and I have a few friends who have babies, it seems different this time. Probably because my best friend and I have been friends since we were like 12. We’ve gone through so much together. It’s so strange (and wonderful) she has a baby now. Anyway, Congrats!


lynette said…
Your best friend's baby is almost better than your own. You can play with it, snuggle it, and then when it starts to cry give it back, go home, and get a good nights sleep!
Jen said…
Tracie, just wanted to say congrats on being the first in line for backup. There is nothing better than a good friend who is always there, even when you are covered in spit-up, haven't showered, and it looks like you put your eye shadow under your eyes due to no sleep. :O) J/k it is not always like that. It is really great to have a good friend though to enjoy such a wonder with.
Rhea said…
I enjoyed watching the first part of American Idol, with all the auditions, but after that I can't seem to stay involved...although I think I'm in the minority when it comes to being obsessed with that show! Glad you enjoy it though. We all need shows to look forward to and enjoy. :o) Lost and House, Hell's Kitchen and The Bachelor do it for me right now. lol
Heather said…
Pretty soon you are going to be the one feeling,

hey that's strange, how did this baby get here in my house?

Your number is up soon sis!
JohansenWest said…
congratulations to your friend, and glad everything went well :)

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