Working from Home

As many of you know, I have been transitioning to working from home. Since it has now been a few weeks, I’d thought I share my feelings about it. And my feelings are that I love it. Working from home is one of the best things that has happened for me in the last while. Working from home is not without its drawbacks though. I’d thought I’d make a list of the pros and cons that I’ve experienced working from home.


1. No driving!!!
2. I’m saving a lot of gas, which means I’m saving lots of money. (I was filling up about every 4 work days. With gas being about $50 to fill up now, you can imagine how much I was spending.)
3. No traffic!!
4. No more struggling to be on time for work. (One of the things I hated the most and stressed about a lot.)
5. I get two more hours to myself every day. (A result of not having to commute.)
6. I get an extra hour of sleep.
7. I sleep better at night because I’m not stressing about getting to work the next day.
8. I get to see Austin at lunchtime.


1. It can be lonely.
2. Internet connection is sucky, making it difficult to access my work files or message people at work. (Though Austin and I are currently working on getting a better signal. This has been a difficult process as we keep waiting on landlord approval.)
3. I don’t have two monitors like I do in the office. (Though Austin and I are planning on getting a monitor for me to hook my work laptop to so I can use two screens.)

Obviously, the pros outweigh the cons. I’m happier (and less stressed) than I’ve been in a long time. I still occasionally have to go up to the office. (I’ve gone up about 3 or 4 times in the last several weeks.) But even then it’s not that bad because it’s only for a day. And then I get to see all of my coworkers, many of whom I really like. Now my only fear is that they’ll take this away. That would be the worst thing ever. It’d be like tasting cheesecake and learning how good it is only to be told that you could never, ever have it again. And then I’d die a little inside. So I’m hoping this will be a permanent thing for as long as I work there.


breckster said…
I worked from home for two years, and I had those same struggles... plus the fact that there was a baby making it so I couldn't work consecutive hours so it felt like I worked ALL day.

As long as you prove you work better at home than at the office I'm betting you are safe.
Kris said…
Thanks for blogging Tracie. I've missed reading your blogs. You bring sunshine to my day. So happy that you are happy. Having stress eliminated from our lives is something that we all need. Have a good work day.
Heather said…
That is so cool how everything worked out for you.

I recommend taking a walk, or doing something special during your lunch hour around people such as getting a pedicure, going grocery shopping so that you can get out of the house to socialize with people, organize a picnic and meet Austin somewhere out of the house etc etc. I think it would build up your already raising spirits.

I also think that if you show your company that you are much MORE productive at home, then they would prefer that you work at home, and thus be more likely to not take away that privilege.

Have fun!
Brittnee Ann said…
Anything to help you be less stressed!! I always thought I was the most stressed case until recent, I guess I didn't realize how stressed you get. I think there is always something new to learn about someone though...
Charlo said…
Make sure you don't slack. maybe even do better. I'm glad they finally gave in

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