Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving has come and gone once again. Though I took my camera to every event, I did not take any pictures. So you'll have to settle for words only. Austin and I had a great Thanksgiving. He wrote all about it for the most part, so I'll just sum up from my point of view.

The night before Thanksgiving Austin and I went over to my parent's as Troy, Jen, and family were there. They had decided to surprise us all. It was a wonderful surprise. That night was spent making pies (mostly by Mom) and singing karaoke.

Next day was all about food, food, and more food. We made my oh-so-famous cranberry sauce and pumpkin cheesecake and headed over to my parents. Mom's homemade rolls were excellent as always. The turkey was good as were the mashed potatoes. The gravy was absolutely superb, as was my cranberry sauce that I didn't personally eat. Everyone was there except for the Powells (who a lot of us had visited last Thanksgiving). Grandma and Grandpa McNeil also joined us this year. More karaoke was sung. Settlers of Catan was played. And many, many pies were eaten. My mom makes the best pumpkin pie (for reals). And I tried like 6 different pies. Austin and I played the Xbox for a bit and said reluctant goodbyes to Troy, Jen, Maddie, and Eric. Then Austin and I headed home to prepare for Black Friday. The plan was to go to bed, Austin get up at 4am to go to Kohl's, and then have him pick me up at 5am to go to Walmart. Then go shopping for a bit and go back to sleep. Things didn' t quite go that way.

Austin decided to stay up. I stayed in bed but couldn't sleep. You can read Austin's account for what we bought. After he got back from Kohl's we headed to Walmart which was absolute CHAOS. I've never seen such a crowd of people in such a small place. I had the distinct feeling of being a salmon trying to swim upriver. We didn't get anything we had intended to get as we were mostly there for cheap DVDs. But since no one told me that they were in the grocery aisle (!) by the time I fought my way to the electronics section, discovered they weren't there, and made it to the actual location, all the good ones were gone. Alas. But I did get a fuzzy hoodie for $8 that I love. By this time I was getting extremely nauseous as I was tired and hungry. W got home around 6am. By 8am I finally fell asleep out of pure and utter exhaustion. We slept till 1pm and then got up: sleep-deprived, hungry, and tired.

We headed over to my parent's house for the traditional Day-After-Thanksgiving Turkey Soup that my dad makes every year. It was good. As were the accompanying rolls and more pie we scarfed down. Austin and I played games the rest of the night: Scene It on Trent's Xbox and Settlers of Catan with Jessica.

Saturday night we went over to Austin's maternal grandparents' house. Dinner and company were grand, as always. Grandpa Valantine makes excellent turkey. Austin's cousin Cameron had tagged along for the ride up and played MarioKart and Mario Party with Austin when we got back home. I joined in after napping for an hour.

Sunday we went over to Austin's Uncle Jim's house. We ate delicious boneless ribs and mashed potatoes before going over to visit Austin's great uncle for his birthday. Then it was time for brownies and icecream, compliments of Betty Crocker and Dryer's. After all the food Austin and I went home to rest and digest. It was several days of happy gourging and being thankful. We had lots of fun with all friends and family we got to see over the break. It was nice to have a brief vacation from work. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving.


Heather said…
That is so much food in one weekend! You basically had like three Thanksgivings! All that food sounds so good!

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