Finding Footwear

So I'm pregnant. And my feet are huge and swollen. And shoes are uncomfortable. So I decided to buy my first pair of Crocs (or at least imitation brand of them). I've shunned these shoes for several years now. Everyone had told me they were comfortable, but let's face it, they're not the cutest footwear. They used to be everywhere and on everyone. So now that I had finally decided to get a pair, they are NOWHERE to be found. Seriously. I have now looked at Walmart, Target, and Payless. I can find some for men and tons for kids, but NONE for women. I somehow missed the craze.

So now that I NEED these shoes, I can't find a single pair. I don't know if the search is worth since I only have a few weeks till the baby anyway; however, I have heard that your feet can swell postpartum as well. So can anyone tell me where I can find a pair of these shoes?


Heather said…
Sports Authority, or stores where you can get athletic equipment, athletic clothing and shoes, and they almost always have Crocs on hand. And I do mean the REAL crocs, not the imitation.

Sometimes Walgreens or other corner pharmacy drug stores will carry imitations.

BE FOREWARNED- imitations are NOT comfortable. The REAL ones are, and that is why people are willing to pay more for them.

AND they are making cuter crocs lately in cute styles such as Mary Janes, and in cute colors. Also making them in traditional sandal style, or double strapped sandal style.

There are still traditional ones out there as well for those who still want the original clunky ones that nearly cover the whole feet.
Mark said…
check Hallmark stores, or on-line

can't wait for little Morgan to arrive
HailerStar said…
I'd hit up TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Ross to find the Crocs. *I think my mom had to hunt hers down at a Value City or a Gabriels*
Charlo said…
Our big 5 had some brand like Komodo or Komo... or something... for 20 bucks.

However, I got lucky one day and found the same exact color and brand in my size at the local 99 cent store. They are my garden shoes, and are quite bleached by the sun, but I think they are ok. I haven't done any hardcore walking in them though, just around the house and outside.

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