New Condo

Remember how Austin posted on his blog about us buying a condo? Well, it's almost here. We close next week (if we get our Aflac money on time, if not we'll have to delay closing a few days). So we will be moving to our new place very, very soon. I can't believe we are doing this. I'm freaking out a little bit. Buying a house is such a huge step. I really hope we're not going to be in over our heads. It was just such a good time to buy right now so we had to act while opportunity was knocking.

Anyway, it's late and I'm tired so I'll write more later about our place. For now, here are some pics:

Main Bath

Bedroom (There are 2 bedrooms besides the Master Bedroom. They both look about the same.)

Tub & Shower in Master Bath
Master Bath

Master Bedroom


Dining Area in Kitchen

Deck (wish this was always going to be our view but they're building a town home right there)

Living Room

Laundry Room (sans washer and dryer)


lynette said…
wowzas! that's definitely nicer than any place we lived at while in school. congratulations--it looks awesome!
Lechelle said…

It looks great
Heather said…
I really liked your new place. Good news: brand new and never been used. New everything-carpet and all.

Good luck packing, moving, and unpacking with a new born. Have fun setting up a complete nursery for Morgan.
Charlo said…
Jen said…
Wow, beautiful!!! I am so happy for you. Can't wait to see it in person

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