Adventures in Babysitting

The last three days Austin and I tried our hand at parenting as we watched our nephews Tyson, Preston, and Mason while their parents were away on a cruise. I thought I would sum up my experiences in list format:
Number of times I was woken up in the middle of the night by a screaming child: 2
Number of times I changed soiled bed sheets: 1
Number of times I changed soiled clothing: 3
Number of times I drew bubble baths: 3
Number of sandwiches made: 8
Number of times I helped kids with homework: 5
Number of times I was asked for permission to play the computer or my Nintendo DS: 87
Number of times I said the phrase “be nice”: 212
Number of times I was walked in on while going to the bathroom or showering: 5
Number of times I walked/ran to the school: 6
Number of hours of sleep on average per night: 5
Number of times I was woken up before my alarm went off: every day
Number in minutes of time spent with Austin in the 3-day period: 20
Number in minutes of time to myself in the 3-day period: 40
Number of hours spent working: 32
Number of hours on conference call: 4
Number of times I was interrupted during said conference call: 12
Number of times I solved disputes: 10
Number of times I soothed a crying child: 15
Number of times I saw the kids “group hug”: 1
Number of hugs given/received: 32
Number of kisses given/received: 25
Number of “I love you’s”: 30
Number of kids I will miss despite the utter exhaustion: 3

So this experience taught me a few things: Being a mom is extremely hard and exhausting. Parenting is something I would NEVER want to do by myself. Working full-time and juggling three kids is difficult. I don’t know how Cheryl does it every day. I learned that I do have it in me to be a good mom. I really do think I can do it. (Though I have decided that, if possible, I would prefer to not work full-time.) I have also decided that I am extremely glad that you don’t start out with three young children at once.

I will miss the boys but I’m glad to be back home. I really wish I hadn’t had to work the whole time so I could’ve spent more time playing and having fun with them rather than taking care of them, working, making dinner, cleaning up, and then getting them ready for bed. Austin and I will just have to have them spend the night sometime so we can have some good aunt/nephew bonding fun time. :)


Charity said…
Aw I loved your list. It's realistic, but also positive :)
Charlo said…
My brother and his wife always gave the same answer for "how many kids do you and your spouse want to have" when they played those newlywed games. I think you'd appreciate there answer.

"One at a time."
Heather said…
That's pretty cool that you helped out Tyler and Cheryl. Now you understand why they needed that cruise!

Overall it is really not that bad. That is why you have it "one at a time," till you get used to it, and have the routines down perfectly.
Kris said…
Those experiences will be for the good in helping you have more understanding and also compassion of moms and for yourself in the future.

That's why also you have children when you are young. You have more stamina to keep up with them. I know that Dad and I got pretty tired when we watched the boys. Loved having them, we had a great time, we found ourselves laughing, they are pretty funny.

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