How My Mind Works

So I didn't exactly make my goal to blog every day in August. But I did blog much more, which is something you can all be grateful for. I blogged about 5x more in August in July so that is quite the improvement. This month I'll try to blog on average twice a week.

Anyway, so I was over at Charlotte's blog and she posted some results of online visual personality quizzes. I found this one to be particularly accurate. Here are my results:
About Me: You are a single-minded person who takes pride in making sound judgements and likes to earn the respect of others.

Interaction: You are idealistic and can be extremely loyal and accepting of others. You often remain on the sidelines in social situations choosing to observe rather than participate. Having said that, when you feel comfortable in a social setting, you come alive and enjoy interacting with like-minded people. You even have the chance to exercise that cheeky sense of humor of yours.

Thinking: You enjoy being well-informed and put a great deal of energy into building your understanding and knowledge. You have quite a conventional approach to life. You appreciate the benefits of being neat and organized and do your best to have an ordered mind.

Inspired by anything new and unusual, you tend to look to the future and try to be open to different perspectives on life. Passion comes naturally to you. You like grand gestures and tend to wear your hear on your sleeve.

So it was fun to look at the different pictures and see what my choices said about me. Visit here to learn how your mind works.

I took a different visual quiz and got these results:
Moods: Sofisticat You’re romantic in your outlook and love the simplicity of nature. You can be a little nostalgic and you like landscapes that make you feel calm. When it comes to art, you tend to have a traditional approach. You are passionate about history and true classics. Truly great art stands the test of time. As for music, for you, it’s all about self expression. Nothing beats it to take you away from everyday reality.

Fun: Thriller You really value your “quiet time”— to recharge, and reconnect with yourself. You’re not afraid to take yourself away from the crowd and explore your imagination alone. For kicks, there is nothing like a little affection to give you a buzz. There’s always so much flirting to be done! When it comes to holidays, fun is top priority. You love it when everyone’s having fun—a special magic time with plenty of treats and smiles all around. And what turns you off? People who seem to be smart, until they light up and you realize they are stupid enough to be heading for an early grave.

Habits: Back to Basics You love being a little bit naughty. Being good all the time is too boring—life should be about enjoyment. Your choice of drink shows that you care about your health and make sure you’re putting the right stuff in. As for the home, you’re a bit of a traditionalist. It’s not just function—style is a definite priority.

Social: Thoughtful For you friendship is all about being there for one another. You can’t imagine life without your best friends. And they’re the first place you go when you need some advice, or a shoulder to cry on. When you think of freedom, you think of knowledge. It’s the most empowering feeling.

To try this quiz, go here.


Lechelle said…
I think those described you very well.

I've been very impressed with how much you posted in August. I checked often and was rarely disappointed. I hope you continue to keep up on it (I know, this is coming from someone who lacks a new post for four weeks then does four in three days:) I really enjoy them. And I finally feel like a part of your life again!
Austin said…
that's pretty good for a computer who's never met you! it's taken me several years to learn all that about you!
lynette said…
although I don't comment a bunch, i enjoyed reading the extra posts!
i took the test and i said i was full of energy and spontaneous. i'm a mother of two... that can't be right.
I think those fit you to a tee. I may have to steal your blog idea if my results are as accurate as yours.
Kris said…
My, isn't it interesting how little quizzes seem to know just who you are :0) They had you almost dead on. What a fun thing to do. I need to try it out. I'd be interested in what they say about me, but then again, maybe I won't like it. Ya never know....right.
Heather said…
Hey, I noticed for August that you have 16!!! posts. That is alot! The highest I ever went one month is about 13, and I felt that was alot!

I have to agree with Austin, funny for a computer to know who exactly you are! Funny how things can turn out to be true anyways!

How is things working at home. Are you able to get a ton of stuff done?
Charlo said…
See, wasn't that fun?

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