Hurricane Ike

For those that haven't heard, Hurricane Ike is coming up on the Texan coast. Most of Houston and Galveston is being evacuated. Those not required to evacuate are hunkering down in their homes with emergency supplies. Austin's family is in Houston. I ask my family and friends to please keep them in your prayers for the next few days.

EDIT: The storm has now passed and Austin's family are gratefully safe. :)


Dad B said…
Tracie - thanks for thinking of us, and thanks for your (and your readers') prayers.
Heather said…
We have been mindful and aware of the hurricane and my kids have commented a couple times: are Austin's mom and dad okay?

So glad to hear that all went well for Austin's family.
Kris said…
It's scary when your family is so far away and there's nothing that you can physically do to help them. But I know that prayers can do even more than we know. Glad to hear that all is well with the Beckstrom's of Houston.

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