Avocado Cookies

Don’t these look yummy? They were. They absolutely were. A few weeks ago Tyler informed me that he had learned from the infallible Alton Brown that you could substitute avocado for butter and shortening when baking. Since I’m always on the lookout to make unhealthy treats a little bit healthier, I decided to try this idea out. So with Austin as my partner-in-cooking I set out to reinvent Mom’s chocolate chip cookies. I replaced all of the shortening and two-thirds of the butter with pureed avocado (I didn’t have enough avocado, otherwise I would’ve done all avocado.) It was quite the interesting concoction: green, wet, sticky, and a bit stretchy. I had to experiment with the cooking times quite a bit to get them so they were cooked on the inside and outside without burning but the final result was delicious. The cookies looked different but besides the slightly different texture, they tasted almost exactly the same. I will try this again. Project Status: Success!


Janae said…
Wow, that sounds interesting! I will have to try that myself. Thanks for the idea.
Charity said…
Yay! Tracie is Awesome! Those cookies look a bit skeptical, but I believe you ;)
Charlo said…
weird. Now try substituting aguave syrup for sugar, and let me know how that goes.
Charity said…
tag - you're it!
JanB said…
I love guacamole as much as anyone, but not in my cookies!!!
(Are they good dipped in salsa?)

Next time we have you & Austin over for dinner, I think I'll have you bring. . . . . guacamole! (Without the chocolate chips!)
Brittnee Ann said…
That was a creative idea never heard anything like it! Glad it was a success.
Heather said…

Oven Temp? How long to cook?

Ripe Avocado until it is almost brown? Green?

I am nuts lately about Avocado and Tomato Dip. I mix chopped tomatoes (one) with the juices strained, chopped one avocado, 1/4 cup light sour cream, 1 tsp lemon juice, and a dash of Mrs. Dash Chipotle Mexican Seasoning. Serve with yellow corn tortilla chips, DEE-LYSH-SHUS!!

And I am nuts about CCC, esp Mom's recipe. And I will DEF try that recipe with AVOCADO.

(To some previous comments: don't knock it until you tried it!!)
Tracie said…
Heather I believe I lowered the temp to 325 and increased the cooking time by about 5 minutes. It really depends on what consistency you like (cooked all the way through or gooey in the middle) Experiment with it.

I just used 2 regular ripe avocados. They should be soft but not overripe.

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