Fall has Fallen

I love fall. It is my favorite season by far. I love it when it cools down and there's the slightest twinge of crispness in the air. The air smells crisper, cleaner. The sky showcases beautiful sunsets. And all the leaves in the mountain change color. I have many fond memories of going up the canyon to see nature's paintbrush. Everywhere gold, red, green, brown, yellow, and orange. I think Utah is at its most beautiful when the mountains display a master's palette of autumn colors. Recently Austin and I went up with my mom, dad, and my younger brother to see the leaves before they started falling off and dying. We went probably a week too late to see it in its full splendor, but it was still quite beautiful. Here are some of the pics I (and Austin) took:

Alas, fall has fallen and now the seedlings of winter are on their way! It's already snowing! It's going to be a long, cold winter. :( If it were up to me, winter would last exactly 1 1/2 months. Beginning of December to middle of January. It's unfortunate that my two favorite seasons are also the shortest!


Heidi Ferguson said…
Seriously...Utah winters suck. But I miss the fall! Those pictures are beautiful and you look great! Taylor is so old! I haven't seen him forever.

And don't worry, you can drive on down to AZ when it's still freezing in Utah and warming up here!
Kris said…
That was a lot of fun going up in the mountains and viewing the beautiful colors. Just wish that we had gone a week earlier. Great pics.
Austin said…
i love fall too. and it was great going up into the canyon with your family. i'm predicting a shorter winter this year, and i have 10 pounds of C4 on punxatawney phil's doorstep to ensure he DOESN'T see his shadow.
Heather said…
I would trade for your "week too late" fall days with my Tucson fall days anyday!

When was this? Before I was in Utah, or after I went back home?
Tracie said…

This was a week or two before you guys came. It's actually warmer than it was when you guys were here. It was really cold for a while but now it's warmer again...at least for now.
Brittnee Ann said…
That is such a cool way to show photos you need to show me sometime.

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