I find it funny that it's January and I'm posting about Halloween. Well, I don't want these awesome pictures to go to waste. For Halloween this year Austin and I had three Halloween parties. One with my family (I don't have any pictures from this) and two different ones with different friends. The family party was awesome, as usual. Unfortunately Austin and I didn't dress up as we weren't ready yet. This is first year that I've ever NOT dressed up for the family party.

Then we had a party with my "book club" friends. This party consisted of eating food, watching the boys play video games, and taking turns chasing babies. Austin, Morgan, and I dressed up in a theme. See if you can guess.

If you can't tell, Austin is Han Solo, I'm Princess Leia, and Morgan is Wicket (an Ewok). My costume was very last minute. I couldn't find any Princess Leia costumes that weren't ridiculously priced, so we thrift-stored it. The skirt and turtleneck I got the same night of the party. I bought "boots" at a costume store. I used Austin's tie as a belt and did my best to make Leia's trademark buns. Austin's costume was a pair of navy blue Docker's, a shirt we cut the collar off, and another shirt we cut the collar and sleeves off to make a vest. Morgan's costume is a bear costume we got at Old Navy. Then we bought some suede material to make the hood. It turned out pretty good.

Our other Halloween party was over at Brittnee and Matt's. We played a murder mystery game that Matt wrote that was simply awesome. It was a lot of fun. Trent and Jessica watched Morgan for us while we spent a few hours amongst other adults. Thanks guys! We repeated a costume we had done from the past. We were a butterfly and a butterfly catcher.


Lechelle said…
I love the ewok costume you modified. And that butterfly mask!
Heather said…
How super duper fun! Wish my hubby would dress up and come to fun parties like that! (we do football parties instead) Loved how you got creative and thrifty with all the costume ideas.

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