I have been blogging. I just haven't been posting my entries. Maybe I'll post them, but probably not. Most are too depressing to read. Anyway, I'm getting caught up.

Troy & Jen came to town in October to attend a sealing. While they were here, the family went to Cornbelly's together. It was a lot of fun. It was interesting having Morgan with us as it was at Cornbelly's the previous year that we announced our pregnancy. It was Troy & Jen's first time meeting Morgan.

A good time was had by all. And now for pictures:


Lechelle said…
Cute! As always Tracie, you are so pretty.
Austin said…
If you'll notice, all the pictures are of the hayride and corn maze, which I don't think you guys did, did you?
Heather said…
loved seeing everyone on the pics at Cornbelly. yeah, funny how Morgan visited the site of the "annoucement." Loved all the hats that Cheryl has been making for everyone.
Charlo said…
Love the photos.

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