Tales of Mommyhood

Austin left me 4 1/2 minutes worth of messages on my phone. (13 separate ones.) Reminds me when we were dating, we used to do that for fun. See how many messages we could leave. Sorry for not answering, hon. I never heard my phone ringing. I have no idea how that happened.

Morgan loves my cell phone. It's like his Holy Grail. I MUST have that phone. I will leap over tall buildings, crawl over my mom, reach with all my might, risk falling off a bed...until I make it mine! Muhahahahhahah. We have an old cell phone he can play with, and he likes that phone. But mine is the one he covets most. He most wants it when I'm talking on it. Even if I'm not holding it up to my ear and I put it on speaker. He's a funny baby.

Morgan also loves remotes and taking DVDs off the shelves. I now have entered the phase known as "my baby destroys my stuff." He got one of my Lois & Clark DVDs out of the case while I was making dinner and rubbed it across the tile floor. Yep, it's scratched beyond all recognition. This of course only took him a minute to accomplish. I can't keep him out of things all the time. And I already have to keep him cooped up all day while I work. He spends his time during the day while I work in either what Austin and I affectionately call his "cage," (a blocked off play area), his crib, or the swing. I play with him from time to time when I can and pick him up when he gets too upset. So when I'm done with work, I like to let him explore the house a bit. Why does he have to be so mobile? It's like "toys? No thanks. I'd rather explore and climb and risk hurting myself and get into things that I generally shouldn't."

He is the most persistent baby I've ever seen. He is generally a "good" baby, but he definitely isn't lazy. Since he's learned to move, he's all over the place. Constantly. He does not want to sit still. He wants to pull himself  up on the entertainment center and bang on the TV (and try to eat it). I keep try giving him toys but he isn't that interested. Though today he has played a little more. He's finally learned to sit up. And he can go from sitting up to crawling. (Crawling to sitting up is a little more difficult.) He's just a little guy on the go. What happened to my little brick? He'll definitely be walking soon. Last night he cruised the couch a little bit for the first time. He's only 7 months old! I did NOT want a mobile baby this early. (He's been crawling since 5 months, rolling since 3.)

I'm exhausted. I don't recommend working and having a baby. It's a crazy life. Especially if said baby is a night owl and wakes up 6 times a night. I would totally have a love affair with sleep. When I get sleep again, it'll be all "Oh, sleep. How I've missed you. I took you for granted, baby. I'll never leave you again." So no babies for me again for a long, long, long, long time. Seriously.


Charlo said…
wow. he is crawling. I need to visit more.
Kris said…
Oh the joys of motherhood. Heather was walking from furniture to furniture at 8 1/2 months. Practically running at 9 months. Sooo look out!
Heather said…
Sounds like I was keeping Mom on her toes all day too, heh heh.

Some of the best toys to keep a baby busy and out of trouble are BIG empty boxes, empty shoeboxes WITH the lids, and tupperware containers with lids. Get some quiet toys and show him how to put stuff IN the boxes and then dump them out. Babies love this kind of repetition as they are fascinated with the process. Once in a while give out a few "household toys" such as folded socks, some old hats, etc that make playtime fun. BIG boxes: cut a flap that he can push open and insert things, make a small window etc that will fulfill his exploring purposes, but then still stay in a certain area while you work. Have baby music playing in the background once in a while etc. All this helps when you need to be busy. WORKS EVERY TIME, even now with Leah and Matthew.
Jessica said…
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