Dear Austin

I was still in school when Austin and I were dating. The semester we got engaged I was taking Marriage Preparation at BYU. (Highly recommend. Probably one of the best classes I've taken in my life ever.) As one of the assignments in that class, I was to write a letter to my fiance explaining why I wanted to marry him. In honor of our four-year wedding anniversary, coming up later this month, I'm posting my letter to him, written four months before we got married:

Dear Austin,

     I know that there could have been someone else for the both of us. We could have (and I guess we still could if we really wanted to) changed our minds and found someone else. But we didn’t. After fourteen months and against sometimes insurmountable odds, we are still together and going strong. I know that before we started dating I told you that I could never marry you. I was wrong. I was wrong for so many reasons. To further clarify, I would like to tell you all the many reasons why I’ve decided to marry you when I know that it could have been someone else. First and foremost, I’m marrying you because I love you. I have known love before, but it is never been as deep or as meaningful or as comfortable as it is with you. Though I know that love is not all you need to get married (despite what the Beatles say) I have always felt it important that I marry someone I truly love and not someone that another person tells me I should marry or because it’d be convenient or because I couldn’t find anyone else. So I’m glad that I’ve found someone that I can love throughout this time and for the time to come.
     A second huge reason I want to marry you is because you’re my best friend. You make me laugh like never before. You understand me. I can read your mind. I know every face, every gesture, every motion that you make. Ours is a relationship built on trust and friendship. I know that we would have never made it this far if we didn’t have the rock of friendship to build upon. It has kept us together when times have been rough.  Because you are my best friend we respect each other and our respective thoughts and feelings. Being my best friend also means that you get my jokes and I understand yours.  We sense things that others don’t. I enjoy being with you. I have never had as fun with another person than I do with you. I can completely and totally be myself whether I’m makeup-less, having a bad hair day, being a total spaz, being completely moody and irrational, or being silly and immature. I’ve never had that with anyone else as much as I have it with you. You let me be myself. You don’t make me afraid or frightened to reveal all my sides whether good or bad. I can share my thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, embarrassments, bad news, good news, irrationalities, rantings, anger flashes, and stupid comments with you without fearing your reaction.
     Another reason why I want to marry you is you give me confidence. I have shared with you my hopes and my dreams and you never send them crashing down. You cheer me on.  You cheer me up. You raise me higher than I could be without you. It is you that gives me the strength to keep trying, to not give up. You believe in me. You think I’m amazing. I’ve always wanted that kind of support and I’ve finally found it in you. You make me feel like I could do anything, that I could accomplish anything simply because of who I am.
     I want to marry you because I think you’re going to be a fantastic father. Kids run to you like they run to the icecream man. They trust you. They love you. Watching you with my nephews and nieces has made me look forward to the day that we can bring our children into the world. You make me feel like I could be a good mother. I want to be a good mother and bring children into this world and together raise them to be a righteous example to the world.
     These are just a few of the biggest reasons why I want to marry you. I could probably write on for pages. I want you to know that I know that you’re not perfect. And we both know that I’m not perfect.  But you make me want us to become perfect together. We may both have a long way to go, but I know that together we can and we will make it. I love you, Austin. More than anyone. And I can’t wait until we can finally start our lives together.

Love you always and forever,


Austin said…
I love you too, marrying you has been the most important and best decision of my life!
Wendy said…
What a sweet letter. Thanks for sharing something so intensely personal. I hope you guys make it too! You are perfect for each other.
JanB said…
That was so sweet!
Thanks for sharing it.
Mark said…
We think he is great, too.
I'm glad you both stuck it out.
Happy anniversary.
What a great letter. Now I wish I did something like that with Ryan. great post, and thank you for sharing. Austin is a lucky guy!

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