To Cut or Not to Cut?

The votes are in! I will be cutting Morgan's hair soon. I'll do a post when I actually get around to doing it.
The votes were evenly divided between trimming, cutting, and waiting. I waited anyway (mostly out of laziness). Only one person thought we should let Morgan grow a mullet. It's starting to head that way, but sorry, we won't be keeping it like that. Stay tuned for pictures and a post on cutting Morgan's hair! Ooo Fun Stuff. My life is so boring. (More exciting...Morgan is almost 1!)


Charlo said…
I don't think I saw the voting in time, but I vote for mullet. You can only get away with it at that precious age.

I'll go for a hawk cut though, as a compromise.
Hawk cut is cool. Half of the toddler boys in my ward have a hawk cut, and it doesn't make them look like punks at all. So cute.

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