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As I mentioned before, I'm starting new blogs. The one I most want to start working on is a birth blog. But I still can't think of a title. So help me come up with a title! I need to start working on this before I drive everyone crazy talking about birth. Once I can start blogging about it, I can finally let my mind clear.

Here are some that I've thought up:

A Womb with a View (there's an ultrasound .com site with this title)
A Pregnant Pause (I really like this one but looks like there's already a .net site with this title)
Not Another Birth Blog
Mind over Labor (no blogs with this title, though there is a book with this title)
Unadventures in Laborland or Adventures in Laborland (I think I'm leaning toward one of these two.)

HayLee suggested Out of the Womb, which I like but I'm not sure quite fits.

I want this to be a blog about pregnancy, fertility, trying to conceive, labor, delivery, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and taking care of a baby. So I need something that could fit in all of these topics. It also needs to be something I'll be able to use when I finally become a doula and childbirth educator.

So what do you think?

Oh, and hey, I'm working on several posts right now. They're long and complicated so they're taking me awhile.


lynette said…
maybe "growing womb"? i think it fits with both fertility and pregnancy, but not sure if it works for postpartum.
Wendy McMillan said…
I like "Mind Over Labor". Also, I like using song titles - for example, "Your Mother Should Know".

If you feel like going a little more controversial, there's always "Born in America: a Horror Story" or "Everything the Government/Drug Companies/Society/Christina Aguilera (substitute any person or institution here) Doesn't Want You to Know About Birthing".
Charity said…
I'd stay away from book/sit titles, just cuz if you ever got big enough you might be issued a case and desist order and have to change your nam, which would suck. I like Out of the Womb, since it seems to convey everything baby - before, during, and after, you know. I also like Adventures in Laborland.
Charity said…
darn, if you can't tell, the e on my keyboard is sticky. I need to remember to watch it more carefully.
HayLee said…
what about, From Cramps to Cries.
Boom Goes The Womb
Pop Em Out
Don't Know Nothin Bout Birthin
Falcon Punch (look it up on Urbandictionary)
How To Train Your Ovaries
Pushing For Change (I'm assuming you're going to take an awareness/advocacy angle here)
The Born Ultimatum (or The Born Supremacy, can't decide which is better)
Austin said…
Adventures in Laborland is my favorite, with Pushing for Change second.

That is, if we're putting it to a vote.

Mark said…
From my womb to yours
There's always womb for one more
Unimmaculate conception (unadventures of Tracie?)
Birth of a nation
Miracle of birthing
Birthing a miracle
What Morgan Danger's Mom wants you to know about birthing

And I wish I thought of "The Born Ultimatum") which is my favorite
??? Considering that my last pregnancy was difficult, very painful and unplanned, I don't really like thinking and talking about being pregnant much! I am grateful for my kids, but hated the whole pregnancy and hospital routine/doctors/etc.

AND I am opposed to natural birth if women feel that have something to prove. If you had a headache, would you suffer through it for hours, or take a pill?

Just my two bits. Good luck on your research though, especially if this becomes one of the many things you want to use as a life fulfillment or a job or something.
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