Piece of Fiction

I interrupt this message (and everything else I need to do right now, including finishing other very long, important posts and a book-long reply to an email) to post this.

This is a link to a short story on Glass of Random, written by ME.

This is the first piece of fiction I have written in 7 years. It's not polished or anything, but it's done for now. I wrote it in one night (not that impressive considering it's two pages long).

This is a HUGE DEAL to me. Why? Because I have always loved to write, as soon as I could put pen to paper and form words. I spent much of my childhood writing silly stories, plays, and poems, loving every minute of it. But I have been afraid to write for years, ever since after having a disastrous creative writing class at BYU. Since then I have been so afraid of failure that I haven't even tried to write for a long time, too long.

So this was scary and wonderful and frightening and exhilarating for me to do.

I didn't realize how very much I missed the feeling of writing until I printed it off for Austin to read and I started to cry. Yes, I cried. It's a stupid silly story and I'm sure I'll look back later and laugh hysterically at how crappy it is. But I think the light bulb in the dusty, dark attic of my heart has been turned back on. Everything is right where I left it. So it's time to pick up where I left off.


Austin said…
The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step, and when YOU'RE writing, it's like FIVE steps! ;)

It's a wonderful story, honey. See GlassofRandom and my email to you to see my comments.
HayLee said…
I can not see it, I need an invite.
Charlo said…
Good for you. You have to write every day to do your writing stretches.

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