The Tracie & Austin Story -- Part Two

Awkward Beginnings

I must make mention of the fact that after Austin actually talked to me he did get discussed by me and my best friend, Heidi. Heidi and I were in the same religion class, and though we were in college, we still passed notes. I wrote to Heidi about Austin and how he was usually the type of guy I’d go for, but I wasn’t going to in this case for various reasons. (My breakup with Devon had affected who I wanted to date.) Heidi remarked that I shouldn’t discount the idea that Austin might be something.

Anyway, since I was depressed with my breakup, I tried to make more friends. I did this by trying to make more friends at work. So I decided to throw a work party at my house. I invited everyone, gave them instructions, got cute, and waited….

Right on time Austin showed up carrying two generic bottles of soda. We waited…and waited…and realized nobody else was coming! Awkward! I texted Heidi about Austin being the only person to show up. She didn’t immediately reply. So, when I heard my phone make the text noise I asked Austin to read it out loud since my phone was over by him. To my embarrassment Heidi had written “Do you need me to rescue you?” We both laughed awkwardly.

Heidi showed up and the three of us went downstairs to pick out a movie to watch. Heidi and Austin wanted to watch Star Wars Episode II. I didn’t, but I didn’t want to make a fuss. So, the three of us sat on the couch. I was in the middle, Heidi on my left, and Austin on my right. The irony is I was the only person who stayed awake to watch the movie! Both Heidi and Austin fell asleep!

The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

After that first night Austin and I started becoming better friends at work. iArchives had its own instant messenger service called Command Prompt. Austin and I chatted and joked at work, with the occasional flirting and singing of Simpson songs (“See my vest, see my vest, made from real gorilla chest!”). At that time I was in a Shakespeare class and I needed to watch a Shakespeare movie. I rented Macbeth and invited Austin to watch it with me. It was the stupidest movie either of us had seen. We lampooned it during the whole show. It was awkward when Austin went to leave and he gave me a high five. Then my brother Tyler gave me a lecture on to be careful with Austin because I might hurt him. I told Tyler we were just friends and to butt out.

We started hanging out more and more. I went over to his apartment several times and met his roommates (the most important being his best friend Justin). We watched movies together, made jokes, I played my guitar for him, and we talked about our heartbreaks. I wasn’t over Devon, and he wasn’t over his past. He had been obsessed with this girl Janna from years ago who had broken his heart. We were becoming very good friends and were surprised at the feeling that we had known each other for years. (We actually started writing—but never finished—a song about this very thing. Lyrics: Ain’t it funny, ain’t it strange/how suddenly life can change, giving a brand new start./Could be good, could be bad, you might lose what you had, you might break your heart./It’s awfully strange how often you change, when what you want ain’t what you need/somehow I know, wherever I go, you will be waiting for me.) We made very good friends. But things got awkward when Austin started developing feelings for me (against his will he later told me). One night Austin came over to watch The Emperor’s New Groove with me and I deliberately sat on the other side of the couch from him because I was worried about leading him on. Plus, I had very confused feelings.

First Date

Austin asked me out on our first date over Command Prompt at work. Things were beginning to get a little awkward because it was obvious Austin had a crush on me and while I really enjoyed his friendship, I wasn’t ready to develop feelings for someone new (it had only been a month since my breakup). I reluctantly accepted his offer that we would go “as friends.” We went up to Salt Lake with his second cousin (also named Justin) and his date. We went to see BYU-Idaho’s orchestra play at the tabernacle where I spent the entire time thinking about Devon, especially since I knew he was going to be going to BYU-I. Austin and I couldn’t really talk anyway because of the performance. I cheered up later as we went to Olive Garden for dinner, and Austin made me laugh a few times. (For the record: I hate Olive Garden. It’s overrated and overpriced. I can’t believe people wait an hour or more to eat there!)

Post Date

The date wasn’t the best in the world, but we remained friends and continued to make each other laugh at work. One time we were over his apartment and one of his annoying foreign roommates was there with one of his foreign friends. They wouldn’t leave or go somewhere else. Plus they were speaking in a different language. So Austin and I wrote notes back and forth to each other translating what they were saying to each other and making fun of them. They didn’t get the code that if a guy brings a girl over, you go to your room or leave the apartment, and you DON’T just stay there unless you’re invited to stay.

Anyway, there we were. Two friends. We texted ALL THE TIME, talked on the phone, and spent a lot of time together. Austin would give me these hour-long back massages that were awesome. (Though he still gives me massages, they’ve never been like they used to be. It’s probably because he has me now so he doesn’t have to work as hard. Love you honey!) We really opened up to each other and became even better friends. We watched Finding Nemo together before I was going to California for Thanksgiving. I was depressed about going because Devon was supposed to go with us, but of course we broke up a month before. But I had fun anyway for the most part, besides the depression. I texted Austin while I was gone.


lynette said…
I love hearing about you and Austin(your account.) My story with Ammon has a lot of similarities.
Anonymous said…
Cute story so far! Lynette, when do we get to hear yours and Ammon's story?
ammon said…
Tracie--you just got tagged!
Heather said…
Funny how we have some similar storylines of how we meet our spouse.

I had a boyfriend, met Ryan, went home, and promptly dumped the boyfriend. This all happened in only two weeks though.

The only thing I didn't go through like you did: the depression because I was the dumper by happy choice.
Austin said…
Hey sweetie! When are you gonna put entry #3? (You know, where you actually start LIKING me? ;)

I love you and am so glad we are together!

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