I just wanted to update briefly and say that I am the proud owner of my first pair of boots! They aren't the uncomfortable, flashy, modern-looking ones. But they are SO comfortable! It's like walking on feathers! I love my new boots! They also have insulation in them to keep my footsies toasty.

Heads up! Major blog entry on Austin and me's story coming soon! Watch for it!


hhferguson said…
What, you didn't have moonboots when you were 7?
Tracie said…
Of course I had moonboots. I just wasn't counting those. These are good "pant" boots.
Heather said…
i had blue moonboots with a rainbow on each side. what was yours like?

let me guess: black leather, 3 inch high heels, up to the knee good pant boots

hee hee hee :)
lynette said…
I wanna see a picture!
Austin said…
One thing you neglected to say: You look SO cute in your boots!

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